Official Press Release- April 20, 2016

This announcement is to confirm that a settlement was reached on January 11, 2016 in Phoenix, Arizona, between Jeff Dee and Jack Herman of Monkey House Games™, and Scott Bizar dba Fantasy Games Unlimited, which has successfully resolved all of the various legal actions between them to the mutual satisfaction of all parties. These parties have agreed to keep the specific terms of the settlement confidential.

Monkey House Games™ is the sole copyright owner and exclusive authorized publisher of Jeff Dee and Jack Herman’s superhero role-playing game entitled Villains and Vigilantes™, including the original 1979 and 1982 editions of the V&V rulebook as well as the V&V adventure titles Crisis at Crusader Citadel and Most Wanted Vol. 1, and all of the V&V-related products which Monkey House Games™ has released since 2010.

Scott Bizar is the owner of the Villains and Vigilantes™ trademark. Jeff Dee and Jack Herman, through Monkey House Games, have a license to utilize the V&V trademark for additional role-playing game and comic book projects. Superhuman Games has permission to use the trademark for its Villains and Vigilantes card game.

“We would like to express our deep gratitude for the legal representation and indispensable assistance we have received throughout this process from Brent Rose, Ken Levin, Robert Bodine, Stephanie Skaff, Alex Reese, and Joyce Van Cott. We would be remiss without expressing our eternal appreciation for all of the contributors to the GoFundMe campaign. You came to our aid in the nick of time and you are all our heroes. With these disputes behind us, we intend to return to the task of creating new materials for that most patient and loyal audience in all of role-playing games, the players of Villains and Vigilantes™!” said Jeff Dee and Jack Herman.

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VILLAINS AND VIGILANTES™ is the classic tabletop superhero role-playing game created by Jeff Dee and Jack Herman. The trademark VILLAINS AND VIGILANTES™ is property of Scott Bizar, used by permission.

MONKEY HOUSE GAMES™ is the game company created by Jeff Dee and Jack Herman for the release of their material relating to the VILLAINS AND VIGILANTES™ role-playing game.

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