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MPRPG Errata Page Update

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There's been an addition to the MPRPG Errata Page, addressing a character generation exploit: BC and Ability Caps (p.17)

The Damage Cap listed in the rulebook is meant to prevent characters from dealing an excessive amount of damage for their power level. It does not take the character's accuracy into account, however, and this creates an opportunity for abusive characters to be built. To eliminate this loophole, use a new Damage Over Time (DOT) cap instead of the simple Damage Cap. DOT cap equals the (Damage Cap x2)+3. For example, the DOT cap for a 100 cp character is 25 instead of 11. Add the character's average damage for each attack plus their chance to hit with that attack. If the total exceeds their DOT cap, then either the damage or the accuracy of that attack must be reduced.

Attack abilities which do not inflict hit point damage (for example, Devitalization, Mind Control and Repulsion) are bound by the character's Ability Cap, not by their Damage Cap (or the DOT cap).