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Teleport and Obstacles

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A player of mine has a character with quite some CP into teleportation and enjoys blinking there and back again. Sooner or later it will happen that the character will end up inside of an obstacle -- but so far I didn't find an explicit ruling for that. It is quite tough to decide about possible damage or other sideeffects. Do you have a suggestion?

Some options that came into mind:

1) same way as falling is done but with a fixed velocity dependant on the CP or traveled distance.
2) fixed die roll of damage indepentant of traveled distance
3) no damage at all (just appear next to the object using the scatter rule or just one of the good old warhammer direction dice)
4) just disintegrate anything that ends up inside of another object (too hard and just perfect for misuse)
Any other ideas or did I miss something?

... I keep imagining teleportation as an offensive ability with the big bad boss suddenly finding himself 80 miles up in the sky suffocating and freezing to death before finally shattering on impact ... 😀