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(Posted in this sub-forum because I couldn't find a better place and maps have been discussed here before.)

I've been maintaining some lists of resources ostensibly for supers-themed gaming, though they've largely amounted to "genres other than fantasy because fantasy stuff is so easy to find".

Mapping software and images, etc. for use there: Map Tools and Assets for Supers Gaming – (Re)Turning (to) the Tables ( 

Sources of pre-made battle maps:  Battle Maps for Supers Gaming – (Re)Turning (to) the Tables (

And, since these days so many of these maps are used on a virtual tabletop:  Virtual Tabletop Tokens for Supers Gaming – (Re)Turning (to) the Tables (


If anyone's aware of other resources that should be added to these lists, please let me know!




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Some really nice maps here!

I've collected (and made) scores of maps over the years, but am always on the lookout for more good ones!

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