List of conditions?
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List of conditions?

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I've recently acquired a 3d printer and I'm thinking about trying to make some MP-ified condition markers like these.  However, given the flexible nature of powers (vs the fairly fixed list of effects in, for instance, D&D), I'm kind of scratching my head trying to figure out a useful list of conditions that would cover the most common cases without having to get too specific.  "Has to make a save every round to avoid taking damage from Mistweaver's noxious cloud" doesn't fit very will on a 1" ring :).

What would you include if you were trying to make a set of these that was as simple as it needed to be but no simpler?


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  • Paralyzed
  • Controlled (Mind or Emotion)
  • Blinded
  • Poisoned
  • Prone
  • Unconscious
  • G Decrease (G for Gravity)
  • G Increase 
  • Snared
  • Grappled
  • Transmuted
  • Ability Field (I would consider positive effects as well, just as a helpful reminder)