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I'd like to create a character who is able to hack into systems easily - locally and via internet. Basically you can imagine what Ultron is able to do: access and control everything that is plugged into the net.

How do you think this is doable?

I thought about Lightning control: Gear control - which would be great to just command computers to do what they are told. Now the internet is a challenge as it could easily go out of hand - so it should be expensive enough. I thought about the following setup:

  • Special Requirement: touch / plug in / access Internet (-5)
  • 'silent' (+5)
  • Range: Everything accessible via internet (fictional step above 'line of sight' -> +15)

This way the character could access stuff via internet by passing a IN save +3 (+- depending on CP put into the basic ability). Do you think that would be okay or is it too powerful / too expensive?

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You could always have him do it at range, but occasionally the signal could drop, due to connectivity issues (that was a joke, but you could certainly do this easily by requiring a Save).

This villain sounds similar to my villain, the Cloud.

Cyperpathy is a great power for supervillains!

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