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Disguise and Deception

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I am working on a "trunk manuscript" from a while back, working up the villains using MP rules. A way to really learn the character creation system.

The villain of the piece is a Maker gone dingo. I decided he and his sidekick DoItDame were responsible for the CanTANKerRats I posted several years ago in the old forum. They're the first of the distractions they use to pull off heists.

These two are more devious than murderous, at least face-to-face. They'd rather spend a week carefully setting up a devious plot to steal a desired gadget than blast their way in. So: Disguises!

Right now Shape Shifting allows impersonation. I suppose Illusions could be used as a disguise. I wonder if an super-skill Disguises ability is called for.  Before I think about this: Has anyone worked this up?