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Absorption contradiction

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At the top of page 22 it says...

If the character also has Absorption Protection, then they can
Absorb the same types of damage that they’re protected
against. If not, then choose whether the character can Absorb 2
damage sub-types, or one full damage type.

But then at the bottom of the same page it says ...

A character with Absorption Protection but no Absorption Effect
still takes only ¼ damage from attacks they absorb, but they don’t
get any use out of the damage from those attacks. Absorption
Effect is useless without Absorption Protection.

which strikes me as kinda not agreeing with each other??

@BKAdams, @Jeff, anyone     ...      Thoughts?

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It's not a contradiction. It's an explanation of how to determine which kinds of damage the character can Absorb when they have no Absorption Protection. It won't provide them *protection*, but they still get to absorb damage points from those damage types and use them to power other abilities.

Hope that helps,