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Notes from UNCOPS Earth

Joe Littrell
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“We know it as the Big Bang, but among the Powers of the Universe, it’s called the Endless War. Not that the “War” didn’t end, of course; in the 20-ish minutes that followed the picoseconds when the universe developed basic physics, the dead center of All became Grand Central for every manner of cosmic being, looky-loo, kook, creator, destroyer, and conqueror – some coming to end everything, some come to defend everything, some come to change everything, and some come just to watch.

Of course, cosmic nonsense being what is, everything turned out the way it was supposed to in just about the time it took for the universe to stop being just darkness and hydrogen - as far as you know. They call it the Endless War because the guest list for that big cosmic dance never stops changing. The closer you get to the sort of power it takes to pop by the Big Bang, the closer you get to the sort of power that can unmake you in the blink of a third eye. Sometimes that power is yours.

Countless powers and players have, and will be, and won’t be, present at the Battle of the Big Bang. So many forgotten in an invisible wave of unreality, replaced by whoever or whatever the universe has seen fit to slot into your place, unforgotten because you were never there to remember - except by the half-dozen beings with the Awareness it takes to hold on to that knowledge, and half of them are mad with a capital M.”

- From the Eighth Journal of Mr. Two

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Excellent SHRPG perspective.