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My stay-at-home curiosity has been piqued by this Playboy Club in Lake Geneva.  So I Googled it just now.  Further details I learned that may be of some interest;

1.  It was open from May 1968 - December 1981. So it wasn't open very long as a Playboy Club.

2.  This "Playboy Club" was unique at the time it opened because it was a resort with a 350 room hotel, instead of just a restaurant/nightclub like most other Playboy Clubs in big cities.

3. Architecture inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright and a golf course designed in part by Jack Nicklaus.

4.  Former employees held a 50 year reunion there in 2019.  It was covered in the local news.  It seemed like people were happy to work there. It just didn't do enough business, I guess.

5.  To my utter amazement, there had been a Playboy Club in my home town of San Diego as well. I'd never heard of it.  Probably because it was only open for 6 months from late 1981-1982.  Six months!  It was not located in any of San Diego's high end or prestigious areas, or by the beach, but rather in Mission Valley, where the NFL's Chargers' stadium was located and a lot of motels for summer tourists.   I see this location as consistent with the Lake Geneva location. 

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The Grand Geneva is a great hotel, but is quite dated.  It's massive (it takes around ten minutes to walk from one end to the other, at least) and still has 70's-era green carpet in places.  There are spots that probably should have been renovated decades ago.

There's been some complaints I've heard about the place's wheelchair access (anecdotally, from a disabled guest).  She was told that it's a historic landmark because of supposedly being designed by Frank Lloyd Wright (I see on their website it only says it was 'inspired' by him).

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