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I Finally Saw "X-Men: Dark Phoenix" and Other Films

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I finally saw "Dark Phoenix" on an airplane over the holidays.  My primary impression was that Famke Janssen would've been a much better Dark Phoenix than was the Game of Thrones actress, whom I found profoundly non-menacing and non-sexy. 

While overcoming some jet lag last weekend, I also re-watched "X-Men: Days of Future Past" on TV.  Because I have chosen to believe the allegations about Bryan Singer's personal life, I have elected not to pay to see his films in the cinema beginning with this one. But, somewhat hypocritically, I have watched his films on airplanes and on TV, when I am not directly paying for them. "Days of Future Past" was such a great, entertaining movie (in my opinion) - in  such stark contrast to the flat "Dark Phoenix," the latter cast with actors who were mostly inferior to the original cast from 20 years ago - and this time with a joyless script and a compressed plot that had the Dark Phoenix character developing at light speed.

I also watched Bryan Singer's "Bohemian Rhapsody" on the plane, which I enjoyed well enough but was surprised, after having seen it, that it was such a big hit.  The actor who portrayed Freddie Mercury really was amazing, though.

Lastly, I also watched "Aquaman." I really enjoyed the first act, when he was 'biker bar Aquaman.'  But once the action shifted underwater, the film reminded me why, as a kid 35+ years ago, I would buy 1 or 2 Aquaman comic books and then give up on it bc/ the Atlantean underwater palace intrigues, among people wearing 'Roman seashell outfits,' bored me then and bored me now.

Any thoughts?

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I thought Dark Phoenix was horrible. Then again, I haven't liked (with the exception of Logan) most of the X-Men movies.

I much prefer X-Men: The Animated Series show from the 90's. At least it was true to the source material.

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