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DNAgents Sourcebook (1987): Why Read Comic Books or V&V Sourcebook?

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In addition to "Pentacle Plot," I recently bought a copy of the "DNAgents Sourcebook" for V&V, originally published in 1987, written by Jack Herman. 

By the time this sourcebook arrived in the mail, however, I had sort of lost my enthusiasm for the DNAgents, and am hoping someone reading this might offer some thoughts to re-ignite by interest.

After I ordered this sourcebook, I discovered that, among my childhood collection of V&V publications, I had the issue of "Different Worlds" from 1983 with stats for the DNAgnets by Jack Herman. I also have the first 6 issues of the "DNAgents" comic book published by Eclipse. (Lastly, I had a copy of the V&V stats for Crossfire that Doug had kindly sent me years ago.  Thank you!) So I have a pretty solid core of DNAgents materials, as it turns out.

But I also have an old issue of "Amazing Heroes" magazine with a review of DNAgents #1 that was, very surprisingly, pretty negative.  That really dampened my interest.

Please help me (re-) enjoy what I have!

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I actually enjoyed it. Plenty of resources to use, a few short adventures that can be extended and used to fuel up further ideas. The matrix Corp base layout is quite nice. There are a few unique powers that would be interesting to convert to 3.0. The Bus is a fun vehicle idea also. 

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I really wanted to like the DNAgents.  I've had the V&V supplement for years (but never used it), and I purchased the entire run of comics for cheap on eBay (though I only read about half of them).

Once I thought I could even fire up a V&V campaign with my kids (I have three boys and two girls, so I figured it would be perfect), with each of them playing one of the Agents.  But for the short V&V campaign I ended up doing with four of them, they made their own PCs.

So like I said, I really wanted to like them more than I ever have.  They're just kind of 'meh' to me.

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