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Any virtual games starting/running during quarantine?

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I played my first D&D session on Roll20 last night and found it less cumbersome than I'd expected.

I'm planning on trying to run some MP one-shots at my local game shop once we've reached the flip side of our current Coronapocalypse, and I'd really like to get some experience as an actual player among folks with some experience at the game (as opposed to just GMing for a family group as I've been doing).

So... is anyone starting up any virtual sessions/campaigns/one-shots with room for another player?  Looking for something on a relatively Eastern Time friendly schedule on any evening except for Friday and Saturday.

(Yes, I know there are LFG services/forums on R20 and its ilk, but their mention of V&V of any version seems to be minimal, so I figured I'd have better luck here.)



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@drl2 I'm going to run a mini-series if you're interested. See Outbreak post above for more info!