This is errata for the second pre-release PDF (2.9.1). Errata for the first pre-release is no longer necessary, and has been deleted. Once the final version comes out, we’ll delete this information and start tracking errata for the final version instead.

2.1 Character Generation (p. 10)
2nd paragraph: All characters have Basic Characteristics (BCs).

2.1.3 Species (p. 14)

Atlantean (p.14)
(8) Adaptation: Drowning, High Pressure
(5) Speed: 32″ Swimming
(7) Heightened Strength: +7

Farashi (p. 15)
(15) Armor: 3/2/2/2
(3) Adaptation: Drowning
(7) Heightened Strength: +7
(-5) Reduced Agility: Clumsy: -5 AG Weaknesses (p. 24)
Weaknesses added by certain Species, Abilities and Modifiers (for example the Monster species, Animal/Plant Abilities, or the Weakness Modifier) don’t count toward the character’s Weakness CP Limit, though the GM should disallow any character exceeding their Weakness limit by more than (10) CPs.

2.2.3 Ability Descriptions (p.29)

Light Control (p. 60)
B) Flash (p.61)
The CP cost of this Ability should be adjusted by (-15). So, the CP cost for a Flash allowing a save at EN-0 should be (12.5), not (27.5).

Poison/Venom (p. 68)
This attack Ability is no longer automatically a Contact Attack (though you may still make it one, by applying that Modifier). Both sub-Abilities (Damaging Poison and Paralytic Poison) are now (10) CPs cheaper. This simplifies things a lot.

The Ability-specific ‘Injected’ and ‘Inhaled’ options have been removed; you’ll now use the equivalent, generic Ability Modifiers ‘Carrier’, ‘Contact’, and ‘Different Damage Type’. The Ability-specific Modifier ‘Ingested’ is still available, but it now has a cost adjustment of (0) CPs.

Revivication (p. 71)
This Ability now takes 1 minute to use, instead of 2d4 Turns.

Shaping (p. 72)
Clarification: when it say that Shaping ‘isn’t directly usable as an attack’, it means that if a roll to hit would be required *to hit an actively defensive target*, you can’t do it. That doesn’t prevent it from being used as an Area attack against an un-moving spot of ground (even though targets in that area would have to make rolls to leap clear), nor does it prevent it from being used to encase a completely defenseless target, like an unconscious person.

* Siphon Effect Modifier: Replenishment (p. 75)
The character may use Siphon to replenish points up to, but not exceeding, their original maximum.

Sonic Abilities (p. 76)
C) Sonic Boom (p.76)
The CP cost of this Ability should be adjusted by (-15). So, the CP cost for a Sonic Boom allowing a save at EN-0 should be (10), not (25).

Transformation (p.84)
Only the character’s main form pays for this Ability. All of the other forms get the ability to change back for free.

2.2.4 Ability Modifiers (p.93)

Overload (p. 101)
Overload may not be added to an Ability that has less than 4 charges (or a PR of 8 or more), or activated on an Ability that has less than 4 charges left.

Range (p. 102)
The ‘CPs’ column is unnecessary and confusing; you may ignore it. Simply find the Ability’s range formula in the Range column, and move it up or down for +/-(2.5) CPs.

2.3 Weaknesses (p. 104)

Prejudice (p. 107)
Everyone the character encounters may make a Difficult IN save ( to see through their prejudice.

4.14.3 Combat Stances (p. 124)
There are no ‘aggressive’ combat stances; that was a typo.

Time Requirement (was: Takes Time) (p. 103)
This Modifier no longer cares whether the affected Ability is combat-related or not. The table now only has one column. The cost adjustment is (-2.5) per step ‘down’ (takes longer to use), and (+2.5) per step ‘up’ (takes less time to use).

Attack abilities may not have their Time Requirement reduced to less than 1 Action.

7.1 Guide to the Multiverse (p.134)

Abomination Realm
The Abomination Realm is a pocket dimension used as a sanctuary for monsters. In medieval times, some of the monsters shared their sanctuary with persecuted humans. But revealing the secret ultimately led to humans declaring war against the Abomination Realm. Humanity was eventually expelled, and many humans (including all who knew its secret) were killed or captured and never seen again. Those few who managed to escape saw horrors which tortured their minds. Human memory of the war has faded to legends of a Hell ruled by demons.

After the war, the monsters who wished to share the Realm with humanity were banished. They are rumored to have a new enclave of their own somewhere in the wilds of upstate Minnesota. Their leader, an ancient creature named Mother Enyo, is an isolationist who wishes only for her people to co-exist peacefully with Man – by staying hidden.

The Abomination Realm is now ruled by the infernal Asmodan. Its inhabitants, as well as some of their allies who remain on the Earth full-time, see Mankind as something to manipulate to their own ends – or as mere cattle. Many (among them Mother Enyo’s sister, the Gorgon named Stheno) dream of conquering the Earth for their own.