This is errata for the final release (3.0) PDF. Errata for the pre-releases is no longer necessary, and has been deleted. BC and Ability Caps (p.17)
Attack abilities which do not inflict hit point damage (for example, Devitalization, Mind Control and Repulsion) are bound by the character’s Ability Cap, but not by their Damage Cap.

BASE (p.27)
The Base’s (-15) cost adjustment affects its basic cost for purposes of the Ability Cap (

First Paragraph: The range is not specified. Range is Touch/Melee for both A) and B) versions.

Different Damage Type (p.89)
Attacks which have a Kinetic, Energy, Bio or Entropy damage type are Physical attacks. Attacks which have the Psychic damage type are Mental attacks. Changing from a damage type that’s a Physical attack to a damage type that’s a Mental attack also changes the attack type, and vice versa.

5.7 Example of Play (p.120)
First paragraph at the top of the right-hand column:
American Woman has a base chance of 14 or less to hit (on a d20). She suffers a penalty of -3 for range, and -3 more for Harwol’s physical defense, But Harwol (and the rest of the Avant Guards) can’t see her clearly; his sight perception is reduced 2 levels (from Full to None) within her Glare. All of his remaining senses are only Basic (see Default Senses, p.46), and so he must make a perception check (see 4.6 Acquiring Targets) to determine the combat penalties. For brevity, all of the Avant Guards are assumed to succeed at a Basic sense perception check throughout the remainder of this example, suffering a penalty of -3 to hit American Woman and -3 to defend against her due to her Glare.

PR=0 per hour. Each separate form may take up to (-20) CPs in Weaknesses.