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Author Topic: Levels and experience
High-Powered Superhero
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Post Levels and experience
on: May 18, 2011, 21:32

Curious as to how experience and improvement will be handled in 3.0. Will it be level based like 2.0 or will it be point based kind of like Classic Marvel. Or will it be something completely different?

Looking at the ability score chart you posted it looks like an increase of an attribute will be a bigger deal in this version since the point spread seems more exponential.


Street-Level Hero
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Post Re: Levels and experience
on: March 12, 2017, 08:11

Well, it's a point based system now, so you can make small incremental improvements. My concern at this point is trying to convert my preexisting characters that have levels and in a way I can suggest to my gamemaster.

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High-Powered Superhero
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Post Re: Levels and experience
on: March 13, 2017, 12:28

I'm planning out character design for all the NPCs in my world. Since it's based on a series of shared-world text comics (Academy of Super-Heroes/Conclave of Super-Villains), we can actually count the number of adventures they've been on since the start.

I've been calculating approximate experience beyond base points for the NPC heroes and villains with the following guidelines:

+50 cp if they're long-established heroes and villains (at least 10 years);
+15 cp if they aren't long-established but have had a criminal (or heroic) past;
+5 cp if they are a leader of a super-group;
+5 cp per adventure they were active in.

Cosmic Superhero
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Post Re: Levels and experience
on: March 13, 2017, 13:51

It would be pretty difficult for me to do it based on adventures, even though I've got that thoroughly documented. I imagine we would really 'stretch' the boundaries, being as we've played so many characters for so long (the campaign is now 27 years old, and one PC has been fairly regular for most of 26 years).

Fortunately, Jeff statted up two of our very experienced PCs in 3.0 five or so years ago (when he was going to be running a 3.0 game at Gary Con), so I'm hoping I can use them as a baseline.

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