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Author Topic: 3.0 / Mighty Protectors™ Abilities
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Post Re: V&V 3.0™ Powers
on: February 25, 2016, 12:04

Just to note: when Paralysis Ray was used (and one of my brother's characters had it and, boy, did it ever clear the hallways for him), we, by default, had it so that, yes, the character was immobile but the player (actual player or GM) - who could still, of course, see and hear everything going on - was still fully participant in the action. The character speaking was verbotten but, when Hero/Villain X came out of it, they still had full cognizance as to what had gone on during their involuntary coffee break.

To have kicked the player out of the room because they were hit with Paralysis Ray just seemed, frankly, too much like work. We didn't boot people out when their characters were actually taken down - i.e., rolled under on d100 the number of hits they'd taken in a shot or actually hit zero hit points - so it certainly didn't seem logical to impose a harsher penalty when a lesser, more transitory effect had taken place.

Again, Jeff, another indication that I am going to love 3.0 when it hits. Looking forward to further updates.

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