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Author Topic: Advice on older V&V stuff for conversion?
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Post Advice on older V&V stuff for conversion?
on: January 4, 2019, 14:17

A game shop in the area has some older V&V items on the shelf and I've been kind of kicking around the idea of picking up a few of the adventure modules and trying to integrate them into my MP campaign - but I haven't played previous editions of the game and I don't really have a good sense for which supplements work best with which versions, or of the quality of the available supplemental material.

For $12 there's a copy of the game manual in a version with this cover:


There are some other books at $7 each shown here: http://www.daysofknights.com/products/search?q=Villains+and+Vigilantes&c=1

So if I were to pursue this:
- Would reading the rules from this version of the manual give me sufficient understanding of the old system to have a shot at doing a decent conversion of the other materials into MP?
- Are there any that adventures that are particularly highly recommended? (Characters in my campaign started at the "low" power level and are up around 120 CP now, if that makes a difference in what's appropriate).

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Post Re: Advice on older V&V stuff for conversion?
on: January 6, 2019, 15:39

The conversion notes at the end of the MP rulebook are all you *really* need. A deeper dive into the Revised V&V rulebook is only going to 'help' you with the nit-pickier aspects of conversion, which frankly may be more trouble than they're worth.

As for adventures, the only ones which officially take place in the MP Multiverse are the ones created by Jack Herman (so, everything he wrote minus the DNAgents sourcebook). Beyond that, it's all a matter of taste.


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Post Re: Advice on older V&V stuff for conversion?
on: January 7, 2019, 17:24

The old adventures for V&V are a ton of fun. I've run them many times over the decades, including converting "Death Duel with the Destroyers" to a GURPS Supers game. (Yes, really.)

As Jeff says, you hit a point where "flavor" conversion is more valuable than "literal" conversion. Behemoth (DDD), for example, is basically the Hulk, and he translates a lot better if you give him Invulnerability rather than Durability (100 CP) and Energy (100 CP).

Here is my transliteration of Iron Maiden (also from DDD) with the original 2e and my MP conversion, for comparison.

Also, MP is a direct evolution of V&V, so you see the same power frameworks, for example Lightning Control is Lightning Control, and you can make yourself crazy trying to match damage dice plus damage adds, or just skip it and say 2d8 is 2d8, and if the V&V version has Heightened Attack or Damage Mod +5 or more, then give the MP version some Heightened Attack also, and call it a wash.

DO NOT make yourself crazy trying to convert from source into a strict total CP limit. For example, I converted Iron Maiden at 115 CP total. She's always been a lightweight, and that fits.
In contrast, Annihilator was always a bit overloaded as a heavy cannon, and at 285 CP, that fits, too.

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Post Re: Advice on older V&V stuff for conversion?
on: January 13, 2019, 04:03

I agree with what's been already said. Those old adventures are a ton of fun, and I've run most of them at least twice (for different groups or campaigns). At the very least they could give you interesting and new characters and locales to mine for your game. Also, if you have any trouble converting anything, I'm sure you could get help from the community here!

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