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Author Topic: Creating Powerful Yet Flavorful Heroes
High-Powered Superhero
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Post Creating Powerful Yet Flavorful Heroes
on: August 28, 2018, 10:07

Flux is a Fire and Ice using hero. My goal when designing him was to show how his ice and flame abilities are at odds with each other while making each set feel powerful. I used the Multi Ability Modifier to create mutually exclusive fire and ice abilities. The Multi-Ability Modifier was applied to his Flame Aura and Ice Blast, and Flame Blast and Ice Armor. This grants a huge discount on all of those powers allowing me to invest more CPs into them, but doesn't allow him to use Flame Blast while Ice Armor is active, or Ice Blast while Flame Aura is active which is a fair trade-off (it's also very flavorful). Additionally, Flame Blast and Ice Blast each have an Overloaded version. I wanted to see if I could make a hero that can Overload one of his/her abilities early on in a fight without losing combat effectiveness. Flux has a lot of power but is also designed along a strong theme. I'm constantly impressed with how flexible this system is, and just how unique and powerful characters can be.


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