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Author Topic: I Just Discovered Overload!
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Post I Just Discovered Overload!
on: August 25, 2018, 17:10

I try to do a short write up on some aspect of MP every week on our Discord server. This week I discovered Overload, and had to ask myself "why isn't everyone using this?!" Here's my analysis.


For a cost adjustment of (+5), this Modifier allows a character to
double the point value of an Ability (including the added cost of
giving it Overload), for one use of that Ability, at the cost of
burning out that Ability until the character has a chance to return
to base or rest for the night. Overload may not be added to an
Ability that has less than 4 charges (or a PR of 8 or more), or
activated on an Ability that has less than 4 charges left.

Why it’s good: This takes a standard Ability and elevates it to the tier of a Special Move or Limit Break. Consider the simple Power Blast. We all love doing double digit damage for 1 Power at long range, but sometimes that’s not good enough.
Power Blast (15) Overload (5) Total CPs=20. Sure, you could just dump 40 points into an Overloaded version pumping it up to d10+2d12 damage, but let’s do something flashier since we only get one shot before we have to take a nap. If we take Reduced Range lowering it from ST+EN/2 to 1”, we get 7.5 points back. Now let’s spend those 7.5 points on Area Effect giving it a 5” Diameter. Now we can aim it directly at our feet and blast everyone inside the Area of Effect for d10+2d12 damage with only an AG roll to strike the ground where we want to, and because the range is so pitiful—I mean awesome--even if we completely fail our AG roll it can’t deviate more than 1”! (Power gaming FTW) Now instead of a vanilla “Super” Power Blast, we have a Point-Blank Bomb of Awesome.

Why it’s bad: It’s not. There is absolutely nothing bad about Overload, unless you hate looking cool and doing amazing things, and then telling stories about that one time you did the cool amazing thing.

Still here? Okay, so the downside is that you won’t be able to use the Overloaded Ability until you get some rest, but that’s a small price to pay for being epic.

This is hands down my favorite Ability Modifier. It allows a player to craft a flashy special move for those situations where they need a Hail Mary play. I want to share a few I've helped my players craft to show just how much fun this Modifier is. I encouraged them to name their abilities and provide a description. Enjoy!

Snaredevil's Overloaded Grapnel move:
"Rampaging Roots" Grapnel (40) Increased PR (-15) Area Effect - Tendrils (15) Range=31", PR=7/use, 7" diameter area, Breakpoint 16/32, Carrying Capacity: 983040 lbs. Snaredevil causes the ground surrounding his target to erupt with dozens of roots to entangle anyone nearby. His supreme mastery over plant life allows him to ensnare his enemies while avoiding his allies.

Wipeout's Overloaded Mind Blast with a carried Siphon attack:
"Total Wipeout" Mental Blast (35) Increased PR (-10) Area Effect (10) Reduced Range (-7.5) Selective (12.5) Concentration Per Use (-5) Knockback (5) Wipeout releases a massive mental shock-wave knocking opponents back and draining their abilities. All enemies in a 7" diameter around Wipeout take 2d12 psychic damage, and lose 2d8 CPs from one of their Abilities. After using Total Wipeout, Wipeout can't use his Mental Blast again until he is fully rested. Total Wipeout costs 5 Power.

Brimstone's Overloaded Flame Blast:
"Conflagration" Flame Blast (40) Area Effect (10) Reduced Range (-15) Increased PR Cost (-10) Increased Duration (5) Range 0", 7" Diameter Area of Effect, d10+2d12 damage, targets damaged continue to burn for 2 more rounds. Targets may extinguish the flames by immersing themselves in water. PR=8/use. Brimstone releases a devastating firestorm, exhausting his flame abilities in the process.

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Post Re: I Just Discovered Overload!
on: August 27, 2018, 16:10

Cool uses, and quite creative!

I've always viewed stuff like this as the typical "Nova Burst" that Johnny Storm does (I'm more of a Marvel than DC fan, so my mind tends to go to Marvel versions of characters).

For your examples, keep in mind that they'll have to apply the Area Effect Modifier: Selective (at +12.5) to be able to choose not to also get allies with these potent attacks!

V&V GM and player since 1982 (my current campaign is 22 years old); also run West End Games d6 Star Wars monthly, as well as the occasional The One Ring and Marvel Heroic Roleplaying game

High-Powered Superhero
Posts: 95
Post Re: I Just Discovered Overload!
on: August 27, 2018, 17:08

Thanks, Majestic! I never read any F4, but now that I’ve looked up Nova Burst that’s totally the kind of thing we’re going for. I’ll also be sure to remind them about the Selective modifier.

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