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Author Topic: Difficult Character Concept
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Post Difficult Character Concept
on: July 7, 2018, 22:56

My brother wants to play a wizard with a spell book (Arsenal) and the ability to transform into several different animals. He also had some very specific abilities in mind, but we were able to find stock Abilities that could be tuned to his purpose. Here's Albero--a nature wizard.

A brief version of his origin: Albero was tasked with surveying the Abruzzo province of Italy in late 1918 (just after WW1) for the possible creation of country's first national wildlife and nature preserve. He fell into a ravine while trying to fight a forest fire to protect a hundreds year old oak tree. While he lay there broken and bleeding, his body was drawn into another dimension called the Weald where he was restored to health. Roots permeated his body giving him prolonged life, regenerating his body every few decades--he is constantly renewed; sometimes appearing as a 30 year old man, sometimes as a bent and gray 70 year old. The Weal claimed him as its guardian, investing great power within him allowing him to borrow the forms of powerful animals, summon aid in the form of a Weald Watcher (an animated tree of great strength), and call down rain to heal the land. Armed with powerful spells, and a cloak made of the cast off bark of one of the Weald's Oldest trees, Albero ventured back into the world. His vow to protect the natural world has caused him to cross paths with other powered individuals, both good and evil. Recently he has taken up with group of heroes who he believes can aid him in his struggle.


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