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Author Topic: Home Brew Ability: Poison/Venom C) Hallucinogenic
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Post Home Brew Ability: Poison/Venom C) Hallucinogenic
on: June 17, 2018, 11:18

Home Brew Ability Poison/Venom C) Hallucinogenic Poison - This is a Voluntary Attack ability--if it hits the target must make an EN save or suffer terrifying hallucinations per the Illusions ability. Their protection against Biochemical damage is added to their initial save. The EN save receives a further difficulty modifier depending on how many CPs you have in Hallucinogenic Poison. (Right now I'm just using the Paralytic Poison CP chart (p73 of the PDF). end of initial idea

So heroes, I have a lot of questions to answer regarding this idea:

What senses do these Hallucinations/Illusions affect and how is that determined?

What save is used to Recover? EN, CL, IN? These are hallucinations/illusions, but the target is still technically poisoned, so I'm leaning towards EN though a case could be made for CL and IN.(edited)

What are the actual effects? Do they make CL rolls and then react accordingly? Pass means they attack the hallucination, Fail means they flee?

If they attack it they'll surely see through the Illusion/Hallucination, but if they need to roll EN to shrug off the effects, they'll still see them. What then?

Cosmic Superhero
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Post Re: Home Brew Ability: Poison/Venom C) Hallucinogenic
on: June 18, 2018, 08:18

Hi, Hireling, and welcome!

I would use Emotion Control with the modifier of Different Damage Type: Bio to simulate this. The hallucination could be something fearful, in which case you could also get the Single Emotion (-5) modifier, or if you want it open then the hallucination becomes related to whatever emotion you want to instill in the target. For example, if you want a hallucination of love then the target, assuming they fail their save, has a hallucination that makes them think someone is a person they love.

With a Bio damage type then the attacker uses his AG save @+3 to hit targets and the victim gets an EN save at whatever penalty you put the Emotion Control at.

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Post Re: Home Brew Ability: Poison/Venom C) Hallucinogenic
on: June 18, 2018, 09:52

Hey, BK

These are great suggestions, and I'll definitely share them with my group.

I'm looking over Emotion Control and noticed the modifier "Pheremones." It seems like this does everything you're describing, but I could be wrong, as I don't fully understand what a Physical Gas attack is.


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