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Author Topic: Glare and Acquiring Targets/Perception questions
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Post Glare and Acquiring Targets/Perception questions
on: April 16, 2018, 03:50

I'm a bit confused about Acquiring Targets and how it relates to Glare.

Glare says that it reduces Analytical Senses to Basic and Full and Basic to Nothing. But in the example of play, the bad guys get to make Perception rolls to locate American Woman within her Glare. I'm assuming that they are using their full sense of sight. Wouldn't that be reduced to nothing as the Glare description states and therefore they wouldn't even get a chance to perceive her? Or does that only apply to those within the actual area of effect? If that is the case, what is the effect of those outside the glare trying to perceive someone inside it? Also, clearly from the example of play, AW's Glare affects sight but it doesn't actually specify what senses her Glare blocks in her stat block.

Is the correct interpretation that if any of the Avant Guard were inside AW's 5" Glare, they would have their full sense of sight reduced to nothing and not be able to perceive her at all but since they are outside the Glare, they can use their full sense of sight to try to locate her inside her Glare? Because being inside the Glare completely overwhelms full and basic senses but being outside it looking in isn't as harsh?

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