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Author Topic: Black Panther Movie? [Spoilers]
Cosmic Superhero
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Post Black Panther Movie? [Spoilers]
on: March 6, 2018, 15:34

I saw 'Black Panther" with my 11 year-old daughter last weekend, at her urging.

I was a little skeptical, having liked the character as a kid but having also been underwhelmed by the physique and presence of the actor who portrayed him on screen in, i think, an "Avengers" movie a couple of years ago.

SOME SPOILERS MAYBE----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Nonetheless, like the millions of moviegoers who've made the film a huge box office success, I liked it quite a bit. I was happy to see that the lead actor had really bulked up (or , that was my personal impression anyway). Though the actor who played the villain, Killmonger (?), Michael B. Jordan (I think), just exploded on-screen with charisma and menacing presence, I thought, upstaging the lead in scenes where they appeared together.

it was also maybe the only movie I've ever seen (maybe other than "Lost Horizon"), where a place (i.e. Wakanda) was in many ways the lead character, and also the McGuffin.

I also liked how Klaw had been re-conceptualized from an android-looking guy in a red suit with a bullhorn for a hand in the comics (lame), into a wide-eyed, one armed Afrikaner smuggler/mercenary. Great villain very well portrayed with scene-chewing ferocity by the actor.

But, watching the Academy Awards on Sunday night, I was bummed to see that the lead actor in "Black Panther" seemed to've lost again all the muscular bulk he apparently put on for the film. Maybe he's planning to do the "Hugh Jackman chicken breasts and weightlifting, pre-filming regimen every time going forward?)

What did you think?

Cosmic Superhero
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Post Re: Black Panther Movie? [Spoilers]
on: March 6, 2018, 21:22

I loved loved loved Black Panther. It was fun, had absolutely gorgeous visuals, had one of the best Marvel villains in quite some time, and dealt with some important questions that sort of act as a metaphor for super heroes (should a whole country hide behind a mask?)

I see almost no movies in theatres any more (the theatre experience is so dreadful these days) but I made a special point of catching this one in the first week.

Cosmic Superhero
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Post Re: Black Panther Movie? [Spoilers]
on: March 9, 2018, 17:28

I liked that film a lot. Lots twists I never expected.

Good for comics, good for marvel, good for a lot of kids who haven't felt "represented" in either. Maybe we'll get new comic book readers out of it.

I saw a cute human interest story on the late news; a charity in Kenya got a bunch of money together to buy tickets for poor kids in Nairobi who had *never been to a movie theater* before. Man, the smiles on those kids faces.

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