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Author Topic: Ability Builds
High-Powered Superhero
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Post Re: Ability Builds
on: February 6, 2018, 22:10

A variation on ADAPTATION (Time).

Retarded Ageing
The character ages at a much slower rate than humans. The rate would need to be determined by the character, but it should be far from immortality. This continual ability cost (1) CP. PR = 0 per hour.

For example: Dwarves are a long-lived race. One feature of the race would be Retarded Ageing (250 years). Allowing the average member of the race to live to be about 250 years.

High-Powered Superhero
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Post Re: Ability Builds
on: February 22, 2018, 22:51

I was thinking that the Inventing Points function could be expanded. It could also represent a discretionary pool of gear that the character may be able to possess. The character may be able to use Wealth to buy equipment. The difficulty number for purchases can use the LL rule of points to difficulty by using the universal table mechanics. The "Score" would be the CP points cost of the equipment.

For example, Sam Magnum, detective extraordinaire is on the run. After a run in with hired guns, he feels that he needs an ace in his hand. He stops by an armourer friend and looks over the Kelvar available. He settles on a Vest (Armour 9/2/1/0 (20), Gear (-5), Partial Light Coverage (-10) - Total Cost 5). Based on the Universal Table, 5 CPs would have a difficulty of 3. His wealth die is d4. A roll of 3 succeeds at the test. Sam has 10 Inventing Points and 5 would be used by his purchase. Sam would gain back these IPs back if he discards or sells the vest in the future.

High-Powered Superhero
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Post Re: Ability Builds
on: March 14, 2018, 20:50

A power for a hero that you can bet on anytime.

The character has the ability to affect the forces of chance. When active, the character is allowed to make a Luck save at +2 to affect the outcome of one event in a given phase. An event could be the outcome of an attack, defending against an attack, a task check or skill outcome, or damage done by an attack. The damage bonus can be applied as a bonus to damage by attack for the character or as armour to resist against attacks against the character. This is a Voluntary ability. The PR is 2 per round.

  • CPs Hit Bonus * Defence Bonus * Task Bonus * Damage Bonus
  • 5 +1 +1 +1 +1
  • 10 +2 +2 +3 +2
  • 15 +3 +3 +5 +3
  • 20 +4 +4 +7 +4
  • 25 +5 +5 +9 +5
  • 30 +6 +6 +11 +6
  • 35 +7 +7 +13 +7
  • 40 +8 +8 +15 +8
  • 45 +9 +9 +17 +9
  • 50 +10 +10 +19 +10

* Luck Manipulation Modifier: Multiple Actions
Apply a Cost adjustment of (+5) CPs to be able to affect an additional action in a phase.
* Luck Manipulation Modifier: Save Difficulty
Apply the modifier from the table below based on the Cost Adjustment.

    Cost Adjustment Luck Save Modifier

  • -12.5 -3
  • -10 -2
  • -7.5 -1
  • -5 0
  • -2.5 +1
  • 0 +2
  • 2.5 +3
  • 5 +4
  • 7.5 +5

* Luck Manipulation Modifier: Bad Ju Ju
You can apply the task bonus as a penalty against a foe. This attack requires that you touch the target. The target is allowed a CL save - (Luck Save - 10) to resist the effect. This effect lasts as long as you pay PR and maintain your Luck Manipulation focus on this target. Apply a Cost adjustment of (+5).
* Luck Manipulation Modifier: Ill Chance
If you fail your Luck check you incur a penalty to the test you intended to affect rather than a bonus. Apply a Cost adjustment of (-5).

Example: Polecat was moving stealthy through a back alley when he came upon his enemy, the British Bulldog. Sniffing the air, the Bulldog turned to Polecat saying, "I thought smelled something rotten in this alley." Polecat hissed back at him, "I'll teach you who's master rover."

Polecat has 25 CPs of Luck Manipulation and it is currently active, using 2 PR per round. He has the Multiple action modifier purchased twice, allowing him to modify three results in a round. He succeeds at a Luck save and decides initially to affect his chance to hit. His claw attack would normally require an 8- to hit the Bulldog, but with Luck Manipulation he needs 13-. He rolls a 10. The Bulldog tries to evade Polecat, but his costume catches on some scenery. What bad luck for the Bulldog!!! He decides to also modify his damage with luck adding +5 to the result. "Bad dog" Polecat taunted, licking some blood from his claws. Enraged, the Bulldog charges. Polecat decides to use the last his last bit of Luck Manipulation to add to his defence by +5. Unfortunately, the Bulldog rolls a 1 laying out Polecat. "Looks like your luck ran out stinky."

High-Powered Superhero
Posts: 89
Post Re: Ability Builds
on: March 14, 2018, 21:14

There are characters in comic history that have the ability to access a multitude of powers. Their imagination seems to be the only limit. The following ability provides a simulation of this effect.

VARIABILITY: The character has a pool of CPs that can be used to mimic the effects of any Ability or to enhance existing Abilities. Variability is a Voluntary Ability, PR = 0 per Hour. The CPs can be rearranged at any time. It requires 3 full rounds to change the arrangement of CPs. Abilities that are mimicked are purchased as per the character creation rules (see 2.0).

    CPs Variability Pool

  • 30 5
  • 35 10
  • 40 15
  • 45 20
  • 50 25

For example: Chris ducked into a doorway. Some new super jerk was tearing up the downtown and he had to do something about it. Pulling out his dial, he tapped H-E-R-O and was enveloped by transformative energy into "The Red Brick." Chris possesses Variability at 50 CPs. The dial forces Chris to roll a random set of powers. He gains Heightened Strength at +20, Armour at 20 CPs, and Density Increase at 10 CPs. He now has the power to take out the annoying pest.

Street-Level Hero
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Post Re: Ability Builds
on: June 17, 2018, 11:05

One of my players wants to make the following power:

Poison/Venom - Hallucinogenic Poison

Target must roll an EN save or suffer terrifying hallucinations. The initial save suffers a penalty depending on how many points are invested into Hallucinogenic Poison. Hallucinations are Illusions that only the target experiences. These Illusions have Visual, Audible, Taste, and Smell components. Rolls to recover from the poison are made at a further -X penalty.

Now, my problem when making Abilities like this is, what are the effects **exactly**. I know that the target is seeing things that are surely distracting. Do they blindly attack those hallucinations? If so, where are they? This matters because beam attacks and so forth will pass through them and hit unintended targets. Do they make a CL check or flee/cower? If they attack it they'll surely notice that its not real. Does this automatically dispel the hallucinations or do they now get a bonus to roll out of it?

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! 🙂

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