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Author Topic: General Questions
High-Powered Superhero
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Post General Questions
on: January 12, 2018, 17:43

Some questions I was hoping someone could help me with:

a) Negation reduces time of effects with durations. I assume this happens successfully without the need for a task check. Is this correct?
b) If I wanted to develop a power that resembled the "Dispel Magic" spell from D&D I would need to incorporate all damage type. This is correct is it not? This would have a modifier limiting the only to instance of the damage type with a magical theme. For example:
+10 Entropy (-5) Only Magical Entropy effects
+10 Energy (-5) Only Magical Energy effects
c) I assume that the 2.5 CPs time reduction of 1 Phase (move or act) would work against powers that have an instant effect or duration like a power blast. If one took the Ability Field modifier and Full Energy type, wouldn't this make that character total immune to any energy effect directed at the character?

a) If one took Area Effect on an Ability with Ability Field. Who you need to make an attack check against someone who was caught in the Area Effect when you move by that individual. Could a speedster with this type of power set up strafe and individual many times moving a target in and out the field by move near the target and thus achieve many attacks against that target?

a) It costs 10 CPs for 1 full damage type with Absorption but 20 CPs for Invulnerabilty to achieve the same effect. Is the limitation that you must use a save action for absorption where x1/2 cost multiplier comes from?

a) The are many powers that require 1" of movement as the action to use? Which movement ability would this 1" be taken from. For example, if one invested 2.5 CPs in Teleportation you'd be able to teleport 1". Would the 1" requirement for usage be subracted from this value, thus achieve 0" of teleportation? Would the 1" cost fall within the movement portion of a characters turn? Can more than one 1' cost Abilities be activated? Are there any limits to how many can be activated if this is possible? Could one run up to a target, deactivate Non-Corporealness, punch or attack and then activate it again?

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Post Re: General Questions
on: January 13, 2018, 21:14

a) Yes.
b) Sounds right.
c) Negation doesn't work at all against 'instant' abilities like Power Blast.

Ability Field
a) The speedster could catch multiple targets in their area effect ability field by moving it across them, but each of those targets would only be affected once per phase no matter how many times the speedster moved the ability field over them.

a) Yes.

General Question
a) They can take the 1" from any of their movement modes, but note the rules about using multiple types of movement in the same turn (4.4, paragraph 2). Yes, the 1" cost must be paid on the character's movement phase. Yes, multiple 1" movement costs may be paid on the same turn, limited only be their available movement. No, you can't "run up to a target, deactivate Non-Corporealness, punch or attack and then activate it again", because you only get one movement phase and one action phase per turn (and that would be move, act, move): see 4.3.

Hope that helps!

High-Powered Superhero
Posts: 89
Post Re: General Questions
on: January 15, 2018, 19:04

Thanks Jeff. I appreciate the help.

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