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Author Topic: A Deleted Scene
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Post A Deleted Scene
on: December 25, 2017, 09:13

Role-playing games don't really get much in the way of Blu-ray bonus features, but if Mighty Protectors had one, this would probably be on it.

One of the things we really had fun with was the creation of the comic strips that appear in the book. They enabled us not only give a bit of an introduction for the previously unseen characters on the Protectors team but to reintroduce many of our established characters and hint at some of the plotlines that they've been involved with since we've seen them.

As it had been quite a long time since any of these characters had been seen anywhere, there was a lot to catch up on, So it seemed the best way to do that would be to jump right into the middle of each their latest adventures. Being the de facto stars of the Villains & Vigilantes comic book series, Shatterman and Condor, of course, had to make an appearance.

You can see the end result of that in the Mighty Protectors rulebook. But what you see there was actually the second draft of what I had intended. Below, you can read the original idea I had for them.

Now there are numerous reasons why this scene was not used. It's too long, It's too static. It's too talky. It only vaguely references what they've managed to accomplish since we've seen them last. It doesn't shut up about a bunch of other stuff that really has nothing to do with the Mighty Protectors Multiverse. It doesn't present the pay off I ultimately wanted to get to. And its not exactly cricket when it comes to superheroic conduct. But I liked the basic concept and if I think it's a definitive character moment.

So anyway, here it is. I apologize for not reformatting the text to script style, but I don't think it'll be too hard to follow. I hope you enjoy it.



(NOTE: I know this one is a little crowded, but maybe this could work as one of those Watchmen style nine panel grids?)


(We are looking at SHATTERMAN, who is on the left side of the panel and stares off to the left, and CONDOR who is on the right side of the panel and stares off to the right. Our POV is looking up at them. The lower foreground of the panel is taken up by a black rectangle. It is the back end of a flat-screen TV. The light from the screen provides the only illumination. There is nothing else of significance in the background.)

TV ANNOUNCER: (jagged lightning bolt effect on word balloon pointer)

You’re watching Cult Movie TV.


(Same shot, only now the television screen has caught CONDOR’s attention.)

TV ANNOUNCER: (jagged lightning bolt effect on word balloon pointer)

It’s Twofer Tuesday, with back-to-back double features of the second movie from your favorite film franchises.


(SHATTERMAN looks over at CONDOR, at bit peeved that he has become distracted by the TV. But CONDOR, unnoticing, is transfixed by what is watching.)

TV ANNOUNCER: (jagged lightning bolt effect on word balloon pointer)

First, Ron Ely returns as the Man of Bronze in “Doc Savage: Arch-Nemesis of Evil”.


(SHATTERMAN can’t believe what he’s hearing and turns his attention to the TV, also. CONDOR looks stupefied.)

TV ANNOUNCER: (jagged lightning bolt effect on word balloon pointer)

Then it’s “Buckaroo Banzai Against the World Crime League” starring Peter Weller.


(SHATTERMAN and CONDOR continue to stare at the TV. Their expression has changed to one of recognition.)

TV ANNOUNCER: (jagged lightning bolt effect on word balloon pointer)

Next up: Fred Ward is back in “Remo Williams: The Adventure Continues”.


There’s only one explanation for this.


(Cut two a two shot of SHATTERMAN and CONDOR. They glance at each other knowingly. They both realize what has happened.)


We have travelled to another dimension. Dr. Silverhead’s theory was correct.


An alternate Earth with a timeline that has diverged from our own history.

TV ANNOUNCER: (from off-panel - jagged lightning bolt effect on word balloon pointer)

Finally. Kurt Russell and Peter Cushing team up to take on “Big Trouble in Little Transylvania”.


Look, I know there’s the mission and stuff…


(Slight angle change to show more of the inside of the room where SHATTERMAN and CONDOR are. There is a couch in front of the TV. They park themselves on it.)


But we are watching every one of these.




Yeah, okay.

TV ANNOUNCER: (jagged lightning bolt effect on word balloon pointer)

Now, on with the show!


(We see the exterior of a house. The sun is rising.)


Eight hours later…

SHATTERMAN: (from within house)

Wow. That was really amazing, but we have to go now.

CONDOR: (from within house)

Yes, of course.


(SHATTERMAN and CONDOR have turned to leave, but when they hear the TV they both lapse into the frenzied body language of a temper tantrum.)

TV ANNOUNCER: (jagged lightning bolt effect on word balloon pointer)

Up next: Denise Crosby, Patrick Reynolds and Conan Lee star in “Return of the Eliminators”.


Aargh! Dammit!


That is not fair!


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Post Re: A Deleted Scene
on: December 25, 2017, 17:02

I can see why this wound up on the cutting-room floor, but it *is* very apt to the whole V&V/MP head.

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