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Author Topic: This is FortKnight for 12/8/2017
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Post This is FortKnight for 12/8/2017
on: December 8, 2017, 20:03

This is FortKnight, An MPM Newbrief from Unit One


To describe The Citadel, the superhero academy founded by the super-powered heroic adventurers formerly known as the Crusaders, as “embattled” would probably be an understatement.

The Citdel has faced everything from processing a flood of thousands of applicants to dealing with bomb threats, from the chronic legal difficulties with the Harmon Insurance Company to software upgrades with their resident AI, TEACHER, not to mention the ever-looming threat of the Crushers. The inaugural year of a school that promised and strived to become a bedrock institution has been like a shakedown cruise in the midst of hurricane season. But to their credit, none of the former super-team would have it any other way. Morale among faculty and students was high.

Then, hitting like a shockwave, came the cheating scandal. Seemingly incontrovertible video evidence that a staggeringly high percentage of the student body used and shared electronic devices to gimmick exam answers was leaked to the media.

A howl of detractors emerged like a Greek Chorus- from a disappointed Commissioner Broyko to cackling former White House staff members- proclaiming that the school was a doomed failure. Manta Man promised a thorough investigation. The Citadel’s financial patron, Carter Manning, although deeply concerned, urged calm.

The students protested their innocence. Then came the joint statement from Blizzard, Dreamweaver, Evergreen, Enforcer, Laserfire and Shocker in support of the students. That statement spurred Manta Man into recusing himself and the entire faculty from the investigation. The school was then “asked to decline” their invitation to the Indiana Academic Olympics.

Today the result of that investigation- carried out by an independent and unaffiliated body, New York City’s Manhattan Progeny- has revealed that the school was the target of a smear campaign. The Progeny has confirmed that the students’ high test scores are legitimate. Analysis showed that while the video feed was unaltered, it was not showing the actual testing center where Citadel exams were taking place. It was a video filmed in an immaculately created duplication of that same room. The actual video feed from the test center has been located and it exonerates the students.

Not for nothing are The Manhattan Progeny, sons and daughters of the original members of the Super Society and the Justice Defenders, considered to be one of the finest superhero teams in the United States and the world. They made short work of tracking the location of that room, constructed in the City Market catacombs beneath Indianapolis. Clues found there lead them to the Doppel Gang- a crime crew of various body/face-forgers, shapeshifters, mimics, and masters of disguise. Tonight, the Doppel Gang, in its entirety, has been delivered into police custody where several of their members have already confessed.

Only the name of their Paymaster remains unknown. However, one cannot help but suspect that somewhere, on an orange sphere adorned with a smiley face, the corners of that mouth are drooping slightly tonight.

At the time of this report, the vindicated students of the Citadel are currently packing their bags. Outside the Citadel, buses await to take them to South Bend where the Indiana Academic Olympics are being held this weekend.

This is Newshound, reporting for Unit One.

FortKnight is published bi-weekly every fortnight by Unit One, along with special editions when warranted.

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