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Author Topic: FortKnight for 12/6/2017
Street-Level Hero
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Post FortKnight for 12/6/2017
on: December 6, 2017, 19:27

This is a FortKnight Special Report from Unit One


Anchorman here. It is a longstanding tenet that journalists should not become the news, and for good reason, but tonight’s main story would have less context without some elaboration.

First, a bit of history. In the early 1940s, a young man by the name of Jet Jaxxon, who, in his early twenties, was becoming so famous for his adventures rocketing into space and fighting unearthly evil that he was the subject of pulp novels and newspaper comic strips, began a project with a man who was already America’s most prominent scientific adventurer, Dr. Asmodeus Danger.

Jaxxon suspected that indecipherable radio signals he could hear in his rocket ship were regular transmissions of information from other planets beyond our solar system. He and Dr. Danger were building a system to receive, record, translate and rebroadcast those transmissions around the world and to beam transmissions back out into space to those worlds. They called their unfinished project the Interplanetary News Service, and it is, in its own way, a precursor of what Unit One has become today.

There is a reason their project was never completed, and tomorrow commemorates the seventy-sixth anniversary of that reason- Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor. America’s entry into the Second World War resulted in the inevitable conscription of both men, and the US government's appropriation of their technology in the name of national defense.

Earlier this year, the basic infrastructure created by Jaxxon and Danger was donated to Unit One. Through the “mad skills” of our own resident technical genius, WiJi, we now are proud to bring you Unit One’s first ever carried feed from another news service- and the first ever brought to Earth from the news service of another planet. It may, we hope, be the first of many. Anchorman, signing off.

Reported in the Circadian Orb (premiere news service of the planet Vandar):

A spokesperson for the Farashi planetary government has dismissed evidence of collusion between their planet and the Technocracy. The injured Peratonian youth Sparrowhawk and his Earth companion Tenth Man, who brought these allegations after being picked up by the heroic crew of Vandar's own Exultant Seven, are to be returned to their respective planets once the regeneration of Sparrowhawk's injuries is complete. Their captive, a Technocracy spy, will be held in the Penetorium in Vandar City. The Farashi have issued an objection, demanding that the prisoner's fate be determined by a vote of the Parliament of the Sphere.

In other news...


The Protectors Foundation announced today that they are sponsoring a special surprise late addition to the Chicago International Medical Conference. They have arranged for a new CIMC conference keynote speaker, Canada’s own Doctor Micron. The last minute replacement became necessary after the previously announced key note speaker, renowned brain surgeon Dr. Josef Manek, was incarcerated and imprisoned. Last week it was revealed that Manek was secretly the super-criminal known as the Mind Eater. The participation of Dr. Micron, the world’s leading authority on microsurgery, represents a significant upgrade for the conference. After the unexpected keynote vacancy, the event had been in danger of cancellation.

FortKnight is published bi-weekly every fortnight by Unit One, along with special editions when warranted.

Cosmic Superhero
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Post Re: FortKnight for 12/6/2017
on: December 6, 2017, 20:11

Ohhh, other planets have superheroes, too 🙂

Cosmic Superhero
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Post Re: FortKnight for 12/6/2017
on: December 6, 2017, 20:12

I think the Vandarians need to be careful. Everyone knows Earthlings are erratic and dangerous.

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