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Author Topic: This is FortKnight for 12/2/2017
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Post This is FortKnight for 12/2/2017
on: December 2, 2017, 21:10

This is a FortKnight Special Report from Unit One

Dateline San Francisco: It is now confirmed Battle Hawk and Cougar have located the three children who had been missing from the Laurel Park area since Wednesday night. The mysterious disappearances triggered searches across northern California when online communications between the children discovered by investigating authorities seemed to indicate that the children might have been kidnapped and taken to a place they called “Freakopolis, the Crawling City”. Shortly after this news broke, the JD’s leader, Centurion, issued a statement urging calm.

Eyewitness indicate that the children were found somewhere in the area between Mount Diablo and Devil’s Pulpit. Sources within the Missing and Unidentified Persons Unit reveal that “after speaking with the Justice Defenders and the families of the children, we are re-categorizing this incident as a runaway situation. The JDs are asking the incident be considered a misunderstanding and assured authorities that there is no immediate evidence connecting this incident with any other currently active missing children cases, and there is no immediate evidence of any current threat to any other children, but that they are continuing to investigate.”

Dateline Fushimi-ku: The massive clean-up continues at Japan’s Kyoto Raceway after a high-powered confrontation between a team up of the Go Warriors and Bazooka Zen versus two of what are now being referred to as giant “silicon golems”. Although the battle, which lasted for several minutes, ultimately resulted in the destruction of the building-sized “golems”, thankfully no people or horses were harmed.

Imprisoned inside the golems were the American super hero Sun King and Japan’s mysterious cybernetic adventurer known only as “Moto”. Both were freed after the battle. These heroes were apparently being utilized in some manner as a power source for the massive constructs. Although they were restrained separately inside different silicon golems, Sun King and Moto had established communication between each other. The previously recorded incidents of electronic pulse signals were a result of attempts made to free themselves by using their powers in unison to alter the golems’ functions.

After undergoing medical treatment at Go Warrior Base, both Sun King and Moto are reported to recuperating well and they are expected to return to full strength soon. Little else is known at this point other than that the Go Warriors Keiretsu, with the co-direction of Dr. Iwakura and his family, is now sponsoring an expedition to tiny Peep Island in the South Pacific. They are scheduled to depart as soon as Sun King and Moto are given medical clearance.

News that the Go Warriors are planning a return to Peep Island has fueled speculation that the Robocrucians may have once again returned to Earth. The government of Japan has yet to make any official comment as of the time of this dispatch.

Dateline Michigan, Upper Peninsula: A series of technical problems are adding unwanted drama to the pre-launch activities of the Indestructibles. Preparations continue at the privately funded operation of billionaire Royce Reese IV, who plans a rendezvous with the Phaethon asteroid which is on course to come in close proximity to the Earth later this month. Current launch time is scheduled for 5:55 AM Central Time tomorrow. A significant delay could prevent them from reaching Intercept Point in time to catch Phaethon. Work is expected to continue through the night.

FortKnight is published fortnightly every two weeks by Unit One, with additional special editions released when warranted.

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