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Author Topic: Optional Motivations
Cosmic Superhero
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Post Optional Motivations
on: August 12, 2017, 17:53


Listed below are a few optional motivation categories for heroes and villains that I came up with. Also note that over time a hero or villain’s motivation may change. For example, if a hero starts with a Romance motivation and the loved one is killed, the hero could then adopt a new motivation of Vengeance.

Optional Hero Motivations
Self-Improvement: The hero is motivated to make themselves the best individual that they can be. These heroes are constantly training and expect others to be as prepared as they are.

Escape Destiny/Wants To Be Normal: The hero wants to avoid the plans that others have in store for them, but they keep getting dragged back into the action.

Gain Acceptance: The hero wants to be accepted by society, by his or her peers, or by some other group -- and will do whatever it takes to “fit in.”

Indebted/Owes Someone: The hero owes a debt to someone else and must do everything in their power to repay the debt.

Loyalty: The hero is motivated by his or her undying loyalty to another individual or organization.

Romance: The hero is romantically interested in another character, usually another hero, and will endeavor to gain that person’s affection and trust.

Optional Villain Motivations

Collector: The villain loves collecting things. What those things are varies from the mundane to the rare and powerful – and even super-powered beings.

Fear: The villain is motivated by causing terror in other individuals.

Indebted/Owes Someone: The villain owes a debt to someone else and must do everything in their power to repay the debt.

Romance: The villain is romantically interested in another individual and will do things, including criminal acts, to gain that person’s love.

Superhero Motivation Table
d100 Superhero Motivation
01-06 Penance
07-12 Vengeance
13-18 Self-Improvement
19-25 Utopian
26-31 Thrill Seeker
32-37 Escape Destiny
38-43 Duty Bound
44-49 Gain Acceptance
50-55 Need To Know
56-61 For Hire
62-66 Owes Someone
67-72 Self-Defense
73-78 Glory Hound
79-84 Loyalty
85-89 Carnage
90-94 Romance
95-100 Justice

Supervillain Motivation Table
d100 Supervillain Motivation
01-05 Insanity
06-10 Vengeance
11-15 Collector
16-21 Dystopian
22-26 Thrill Seeker
27-31 Fear
32-36 Anarchist
37-41 Indebted
42-47 Prejudice
48-53 Mercenary / Servitor
54-58 Romance
59-64 Greedy / Egoist
65-68 Publicity Seeker
69-73 Belligerent / Carnage
74-78 Survival
79-83 Dupe
84-88 Conquest
89-94 Twisted Honor
95-100 Opportunist

Cosmic Superhero
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Post Re: Optional Motivations
on: August 14, 2017, 14:47


V&V GM and player since 1982 (my current campaign is 22 years old); also run West End Games d6 Star Wars monthly, as well as the occasional The One Ring and Marvel Heroic Roleplaying game

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