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Author Topic: Buffing Power
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Post Re: Buffing Power
on: June 26, 2017, 19:46

I have given the Boost power using the below settings a test through 6 sessions now, everything ran smoothly with no interaction or balance issues. This has proven to be by far the superior choice compared to usable by others which had several balance and interaction issues. The only change I have added since we last discussed this power was to increase the PR cost from 5 to 8.

This Voluntary power costs PR 8 per use. The power adds CP to an Ability with a specific special effect of another character for a short period of time. The CP Added can be distributed to any power(s) that have the corresponding special effect, as long as the total does not exceed the CP Added value.
CP Added
CP Cost CP Added
10 5
20 10
30 15
40 20
50 25
60 30
70 35
80 40
90 45
100 50

Time Cost
1 Round -2.5
2 Rounds +0
3 Rounds +2.5
9 Rounds +5
5 Minutes +7.5
15 Minutes +10
1 Hour +12.5

Boost Modifier: Boost Self = (+5) CP and you can use your Boost power on yourself.
Boost Modifier: Sub-Type Boost = (+5) CP and you can boost a Sub-Type rather than a Specific type of power. (E.g. Heat rather than Fire)
Boost Modifier: Source = (+10) CP and you can boost any power from a general source (E.g. Mutant Powers, or Gear Powers)
Boost Limitation: Specific Power = (-10) CP you can only boost a specific power with a specific special effect (e.g. mutant Power Blast)

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