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Cosmic Superhero
Posts: 388
on: April 21, 2017, 10:26


Some people have been asking for an example of how to build a vehicle… here you go!

Example #1: Zach has just created a new hero, a vigilante called “Anonymous”, and he wants his hero to have a motorcycle. He has 15 CPs to spend.

Looking at the vehicle rules on pg. 84, he gets the following for 15 CPs: 16 system spaces, 2880 lbs, x4 profile, 24/25 ST/EN, 25 Hits. He thinks 2880 lbs is far too heavy for a motorcycle… so he looks at 10 CPs, which is 1440 lbs – still too heavy for what he wants. He decides to base his motorcycle on 5 CPs which gives him: 4 system spaces, 720 lbs / d6+1 mass, x2 profile, 18/18 ST/EN, and 16 Hits.

Furthermore, each vehicle has other BCs; according to the rules, “Vehicles also have 9 Agility, 0 Intelligence, and 9 Cool by default.” Also, according to the vehicle rules “A vehicle’s Power equals the total of its ST, EN, AG and IN scores.”

He fills in the vehicle sheet with the appropriate stats and fills in 4 system space squares in the layout section to (kind of) look like a motorcycle. His sheet looks like this:


Next, he needs to determine what those system spaces actually do. First, he knows it needs a Control Seat (a.k.a. the driver’s seat), so he dedicates 1 system space for that. Secondly, he knows that it needs Speed (the VnV3 Ability that gives a character or vehicle extra ground movement), so he dedicates 1 system space to that Ability.

Speed at 5 CPs, though, is only 21 mph – far too slow for what Zach wants. He could do a few things here to increase its CPs: he could make it Delicate (reducing Hits by 4.3 for each (-2.5) CPs), he could make its PR/Hour higher, or he could give the Vehicle the “High Tech” modifier. Zach decides to make his motorcycle High Tech which according to the rules on pg. 88 is: “For each (+5) adjustment to the total cost of the vehicle, add (+5) CPs to each of its systems without affecting their size or Hits.”

His motorcycle’s Speed ability now has 10 CPs in it – 32/128” and 44 mph – still too slow. He decides to increase its PR from 1/hour to 5/hour. This gives him 10 more CPs. Speed with 20 CPs is 128/512 and 174 mph, PR=5/Hour. Satisfied with how fast his motorcycle now travels, he moves on to the next step. His vehicle now looks like this:


There are still 5 CPs to spend on the vehicle. Looking over the available modifiers he notices Maneuverability Increase which “The character may increase the vehicle’s maneuverability for a cost adjustment of (+5) per +1 to its Turning Rate.” This sounds perfect for a motorcycle! So, he adds it to the vehicle sheet.

Seeing how his motorcycle is 10 feet long, he decides to shorten the layout to 3 system spaces, 7.5 feet, which feels about right. He now has 1 system space that isn’t going onto the vehicle layout. The only thing he can really do with it is to make it into an Integral Ability, which according to the rules on pg. 89 “This system’s spaces don’t appear on the vehicle’s deck plans, and can’t be attacked, but they are still deducted from the vehicle’s available system spaces and still count toward the vehicle’s overall weight, profile, etc. Halve the number of CPs generated by an Integral System.”

He decides to put the Integral system space into Armor, and to modify armor with Partial Coverage to reflect the fact that he is basically sitting on top of the vehicle and not riding inside of it. Because the Integral modifier halves the total CPs that system spaces give, so he has 5 CPs to build his Armor ability. Also note that according to the pre-release rules errata: “Vehicles have a default Structural Rating (see 5.1) of 3.” So, any Armor I give a vehicle will be added to the base amount.

His vehicle sheet now looks like this:


He still has 1 system space left, so he decides to give his motorcycle Automation which according to the rules “increases a vehicle’s Agility score, and therefore its AG save and Handling modifier. Each CP worth of Automation gives the vehicle (+1) CP of AG.”

The last thing he has to decide is which system is the Central Power System. According to the rules on pg. 88 “One system (it could even be a system which has no PR, or which uses Charges instead of Power) must be designated as the vehicle’s Central Power System… when a vehicle’s Central Power System takes enough Hit damage to become incapacitated, an explosion occurs.”

He decides that the system space with Speed is the Central Power System.

While riding his motorcycle, ANONYMOUS (whose Physical Defense = 2) will have a total of 4 Physical Defense because “A vehicle has a Defense equal to its pilot or driver’s AG save – 10 plus any bonuses they may have from their career background, plus the vehicle’s handling modifier”.

He can also carry one more human-sized passenger because “Vehicles can uncomfortably accommodate 50% more passengers (round up) in an emergency.”

Now finished, his motorcycle now looks like this:


Cosmic Superhero
Posts: 388
on: April 21, 2017, 10:27


High-Powered Superhero
Posts: 97
on: April 21, 2017, 16:46

It strikes me that the speeds/size relationship means you're always going to kind of be stuck with the problem of the slow-motorcycle with smaller builds. That seems a little counterintuitive.

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