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Author Topic: confused on the purpose of wealth in 3.0
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Post confused on the purpose of wealth in 3.0
on: April 1, 2017, 16:09

Read the system and can not see the point of having an wealth system. If the money is just for supporting background to hide that the character is a superhero,why is it so expensive. The comic books are full of superheros (batman, green arrow, ironman, etc.) using their personal wealth to make thing and use them to fight crime. Every superhero uses money to fight crime, grappling hook to climb a building, handcuffs to detain criminals, billiard balls to through, throwing knifes, etc. nothing special just normal thing that anyone can get off the street should not cost cp to buy.

if the wealth system would allow the character to make a wealth check to spend time (1 day to 1 week * cp spent) making a piece of gear then it would have a purpose. and before people start pointing to abuse, that is because a GM let it happen.

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Post Re: confused on the purpose of wealth in 3.0
on: April 1, 2017, 17:50

3.0 is a hybrid random generation and point construction system. For the point construction aspect to work, 'buying' stuff with anything other than character construction points can't be allowed. But it would also be wrong to ignore personal wealth completely, since (as you rightly point out) it's a major aspect of many comic book heroes. The Wealth ability we put into the game is a compromise, and it works great for its intended purpose: to represent the ability of a wealthy character to purchase expensive things, *apart* from things directly related to their superhero career.


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Post Re: confused on the purpose of wealth in 3.0
on: April 3, 2017, 17:41

I do have to ask why that even should cost CP though, Jeff. For the most part in the game, CP is for things that will help you be a superhero in one fashion or another. If Wealth doesn't, functionally, do that (or does that in a minor way), why does it cost anything?

Edit: On reflection, my post above is wrong-headed. I'm going to leave it there as a warning for people to think more before posting.
Wealth does have a functional purpose in a superhero game, even if you can't buy heroic-usable equipment: you can bribe your way past some problems, rent temporary accommodations and transport when you're otherwise unprepared, and do a lot of other greasing of the wheel in events.

I do, however, still think that the pricing may be too high for it in the rules. Following the normal 2.5-5 progression may have been an overly quick-and-dirty scheme here. Its not a coincidence that most build systems with a Wealth system do charge for it, but usually a comparative pittance and/or only have you purchase it in big distinctive chunks. I suspect at a point a level it'd be fine, but there's too many levels and its too pricey to be reallhy rich, which is too common in the sourceworks to be quite that expensive, since you usually start running into diminishing returns on the benefit: once you've got enough free cash to buy a Lear jet on an impulse, the fact that you could buy an aircraft carrier instead doesn't usually make that much difference.

Street-Level Hero
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Post Re: confused on the purpose of wealth in 3.0
on: April 7, 2017, 18:16

"Wealth may never be used to purchase gear that will be
used more than once by the character's superhero identity
(weapons, vehicles, bases, etc.) - it may only be used to
pay for incidental expendable purchases, or for items to
be possessed solely by the character’s pedestrian identity." pg 152

so any one time disposable trick or hide out, after it make a repeat appearance or return customer you would need to spend cp to go it a second time.

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