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Author Topic: 3.0 / Mighty Protectors™ Inventing
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Post 3.0 / Mighty Protectors™ Inventing
on: March 5, 2016, 09:14

Re-inventing Inventing!

One aspect of earlier editions of V&V that has 'til recently eluded 3.0 is the idea of 'inventing'. Previously, characters received 'inventing points' equal to 1/10 of their Intelligence score per experience level, with each point representing one chance to invent a thing. That didn't map well onto 3.0, where experience levels themselves have become just another ability which you can increase - or not - with earned EPs. But without 'inventing', the Intelligence stat was getting a little short-changed.

Here's how it works now. Every character gets Inventing Points equal to 1/2 of their Intelligence score. It doesn't go up with 'levels', but it does go up if you raise your Intelligence. So an average character with 10 Intelligence now gets 5 'IPs'. These are basically free-floating, unspent EPs that the character can turn into new abilities during play, and (if they wish) re-cycle when the new invention is no longer needed. Inventing requires an Intelligence save, modified by relevant skill background, as well as time (one hour by default, though you can 'rush' things for a save penalty, or take extra time for a save bonus) and appropriate workspace and resources. If the save fails, the time and resources are expended and the attempt fails, but you get to keep the IPs. 5 points will get you a very minimal ability (roughly equivalent to a +2 bonus to hit or damage, for example). There is also an Inventing *power*, now, so if you want to make a character a serious inventor you can buy additional IPs with your starting or earned EPs and make much more impressive stuff.

This is one of the last 'missing pieces' from the 3.0 rules. We're moving into the final phase, where all that's left is a bit of fine-tuning and editing for completeness and clarity. It's still a lot of work, but we're starting to see the end of the tunnel. Thanks, everyone, for your superhuman patience!


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Post Re: V&V™ 3.0 Inventing
on: March 5, 2016, 19:02

I can see this. I've had some characters make good use of inventing, others it seemed like a pointless stat. The latter was particularly true with my "thug" types, while the more articulate, intellectual characters couldn't get enough inventing points to meet their needs. So I can definitely see this.

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Post Re: V&V™ 3.0 Inventing
on: March 12, 2016, 10:04

The "Inventing%" score was one of the things I loved back then because, at least in theory - it screamed "This is a superhero RPG!" as the thug and brick types would have a low score while the scientist types would have a high score. I later realized that some of the less brainy characters still had too high of Invent scores (seemed like someone like the 'Rampaging Rhino' or some such would be able to invent a laser blaster if he just kept trying a handful of times).

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Post Re: V&V™ 3.0 Inventing
on: March 14, 2016, 12:55

While true that anyone could invent if they just chose to do so, it also spells out quite clearly in the rules that it's the GM job to regulate and limit things (so that 'Rampaging Rhino' doesn't invent that laser blaster (IIRC, the illustration used is pretty similar, with Tiger Man and some sort of energy rifle or the like).

V&V GM and player since 1982 (my current campaign is 22 years old); also run West End Games d6 Star Wars monthly, as well as the occasional The One Ring and Marvel Heroic Roleplaying game

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Post Re: V&V™ 3.0 Inventing
on: March 14, 2016, 15:37

Agreed, Majestic; GM fiat - and adherence to particular character values - is very much the point with regard to such an arbitrary, and PC determinant, aspect like inventing. It's pretty much an unstated truth that the Rampaging Rhino will not be inventing one-shot PC-kill (or knockout, anyway) devices specifically because he (or she) is the Rampaging Rhino: being all rampaging and rhino-like, inventing stuff, aside from ways to perhaps ensure that the oven isn't left on when he/she goes out to rob the bank this week (again), ain't part of the character's make-up.

Again, very enthused and curious to see how this issue turns out, both in playtesting and in in-house games.

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