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Author Topic: SAVE Issue Summaries
Cosmic Superhero
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Post Re: SAVE Issue Summaries
on: April 11, 2017, 20:00



July, 1941 – At Laird Manor, EXCALIBUR tells the heroes about a French Resistance fighter who was taken by the SS. The team is to fly to France to help the Resistance. WINGED VICTORY and DYNAMO are in the English country, visiting Carol Daily’s aunt, and are unavailable for the mission.

Excalibur introduces First Lieutenant Reginald Rafe Winton, a distinguished stage actor before the start of the war, and currently a commando in the British Army. In addition to being a good actor, Reginald speaks German, French, and Italian. It is his job is to be the groups’ translator.

The ENIGMA, BRIMSTONE, the GREAT MALINKO (a super-powered gypsy and Resistance member), and Lt. Winton fly a glider plane to Gorse, France. The Enigma pilots the glider, landing roughly near the trees outside the village of Gorse.

Enigma orders Brimstone to hide the glider; he does so. The heroes then make their way to the rendezvous point. The Enigma easily spots a dozen SS soldiers, two cargo trucks, and a French family inside a farmhouse.

ENIGMA orders BRIMSTONE to leap onto the middle truck and destroy the radio equipment that lies inside. Brimstone complies, but he misses his leap.

Fight at the farmhouse. Brimstone kicks a German cargo truck 30 feet into the air; when it falls it lands on one of the SS soldiers. An SS Major threatens to kill hostages. MALINKO fools the NAZIS using his illusion ability. The hostages are saved.

Brimstone miraculously finds an SS soldier’s uniform that fits his large frame. MALINKO and Lt. Winton also dress in NAZI uniforms. Winton wears the SS Major’s uniform. They commandeer the cargo truck and head to Paris.

FLEUR-DE-LIS, one of the Resistance's super-powered members, and a friend of Liberte, tells the heroes they must find the traitor to find out where LIBERTE is being held.

The heroes travel to France in a commandeered German truck. Lt. Winton uses his acting skill to get past the first roadblock. He fails his acting roll at the second roadblock, but the German soldier fails to notice his bad acting and lets the group through.

In Paris, FLEUR-DE-LIS guides the heroes to the apartment of the traitor. Enigma locates the man, who is sleeping in his second floor bedroom. Brimstone hell-fires the lock, and he, Lt. Winton, and MALINKO silently enter the apartment. They move to the second floor; once inside MALINKO Ice Blasts the traitor, threatening to freeze him unless he tells them where LIBERTE is being held. The traitor tells them she is being held in the Bastille.

The heroes drive in their German cargo truck to the fortress. They drive by it several times while Enigma scopes out the towers looking for LIBERTE. The heroes are forced to make Luck rolls to avoid being stopped by the Germans.

Eventually, Enigma spots LIBERTE. She is being tortured by HERR HAUPTMAN, a super-powered NAZI SS officer, whose human head was transplanted onto a robot’s body by PROMETHEUS SOCIETY scientists.

They get to the top of the tower where LIBERTE is being held. They bust in, surprising and attacking the German supervillain. For his first action, he hits an alarm button. A klaxon begins blaring. Soon, a group of SS soldiers makes their way to the tower and open fire on the heroes.

While the ENIGMA deals with the guards, BRIMSTONE, MALINKO, and FLEUR-DE-LIS attack the villain. Brimstone is hit with acid; he burns. Eventually, the villain is defeated. As several dozen guards rush to the tower, the heroes escape.

Brimstone jumps into the moat, removing the acid from his body. The ENIGMA flies FLEUR-DE-LIS to safety.

MALINKO desires to have a romantic relationship with LIBERTE. The American heroes make their way to the French coast, where an allied submarine picks them up.

Copyright © 2011-2017 by B.K. Adams
Characters mentioned from previously published V&V sources are copyrighted to their respective creators.

Cosmic Superhero
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Post Re: SAVE Issue Summaries
on: May 9, 2017, 19:29

Issue #77: The HAVEN MURDERS
Or…Vengeance is an Alien Word Called BIYARMA!

After saving HAVEN from nuclear annihilation at the hands of the fanatical PROPHET, the VINDICATORS are given lifetime passes to the resort facility by its Administrator, DRAALFA MUADO. The heroes have spent the last few days relaxing and taking in all that HAVEN has to offer.

When the Administrator is told about a suspicious murder, he asks the heroes to come with him to the scene of the crime. On their way there, the heroes and the Administrator engage in light banter…

Brimstone says, “The Prophet might come back here since he now knows about this place… and if he finds out it wasn’t destroyed. His only weakness is gold: he can’t affect the stuff or anything covered by it. I assume gold is pretty easy to come by since you are probably mining asteroids…”

“Thank you for your advice!” says the Administrator.

“What does it cost to come to HAVEN?” asks Quantum.

“We have different tiers but typically our clients buy the 5000 credit package.”

“What is that in U.S. dollars?” asks Brimstone.

“I really can’t say,” says the Administrator.

“You’ve been monitoring the outside to make sure none of us primitive Earthlings get in… right?” says Brimstone.

“Until recently, no offense, but you humans have been rather uninteresting.”

“Ah…” says the Administrator as he comes to an apartment door. “This is, or was, the living quarters of MALAK VANKAN, and unfortunately the location of his demise.”

“And who was he?” asks Quantum.

“He was part of our organic security team” says the Administrator.

“And what race is he?” asks Quantum.

“He is the same race as I – SLAORIEN!” says the Administrator.

“It seems the victim was killed by SKORVA…” says the Administrator, nodding his head and looking very upset.

And what can they do?

“You’ve never heard of SKORVA?”

“Remember, we’re ‘primitive’ Earthlings” says Brimstone.

“Yeah, where them SKORVA from?” asks Jaguarundi.

I’m not sure but I believe they are from the planet called ZAAG-PHILANI…” says the admin.

“ZAR-FILANY?” asks Jaguarundi.

“ZOG,” replies the Administrator. “The SKORVA are a vicious insect species with steel-like mandibles.”

“ZOG-PHILANI… that sounds like some kind of Greek dish!” says a grinning Jaguarundi.

“Wait here,” says Brimstone as he opens the door and enters the domicile of the murder victim. The room is full of SKORVA. The body of the murder victim has been mostly eaten. Agitated by the big hero’s presence, the SKORVA begin to quiver. As they prepare to fly towards the big hero, he changes his mind, and quickly leaves the room, shutting the door behind him.

“I thought about crushing the bugs…” says the big hero.

“Brimstone, what did you see?” asks Quantum.

“I saw a bunch of nasty bugs and a carcass” says the disgusted-looking Brimstone.

“Administrator, how do you plan on clearing these things out?” asks Quantum.

“Yeah, do you guys use fumigation?” asks Brimstone.

“We will use robots to clear out the SKORVA” says the Administrator.

“How do you know this was a murder?” asks Quantum. “Maybe they burrowed in from somewhere…”

“No, we believe they were brought into MALAK VANKAN’S domicile via a box.”

“Does HAVEN have some sort of delivery service, like the Postal Service?” asks Quantum.

“Of a sorts… our robots make deliveries” says the Administrator.

“Then perhaps your robots have a record of who sent the box” says Quantum.

“So, did you know the victim… what was his name?” asks Brimstone.

“His name was MALAK VANKAN and yes, I did know him; I gave him his job” says the Administrator with a sigh. “And yes, Quantum, we should have records about this box.”

“Did he have any known enemies?” asks Brimstone.

“I don’t know… we were just acquaintances” says the Administrator.

Brimstone turns to Quantum and says, “What do you think… a crime of passion or politics?”

“Nobody sends a box of voracious, flesh-eating bugs as a crime of passion. No, this was purely some kind of insane, insidious, murder plot” says Quantum.

“This is not my normal, uh, area of expertise. Perhaps you all would take over this investigation” says the Administrator. “My last chief of investigation I had to, uh, let go” says DRAALFA.

“Why?” ask Quantum.

“He was corrupt.”

“So… will you take up this investigation?” says the Administrator. “I will give you the proper authority to carry out this duty.”

“A moment, if you please, Administrator” says Quantum, who then falls into a deep trance. She asks the Universe “who sent the box of SKORVA?” To Quantum’s dismay, however, the Universe responds with nothing.

“Find anything?” asks Brimstone, as Quantum comes out of her trance.

“No, I received no answer. It’s very odd” says Quantum.
Robots then enter the domicile and begin fumigating.

“It should take two to four hours to complete fumigation” says one of the robots.
Hours later, the heroes return to the scene of the crime…
Jaguarundi takes Quantum aside and tells her “I don’t know how to break this to you… Brimstone may be involved with the murder.”

“You need to re-adjust your nose!” says Quantum. I don’t see how it’s possible without time travel…”

“Maybe Winged Victory is in on it too!” says Jaguarundi with a smile. I don’t think we can trust either of ‘em...”
Quantum ignores Jaguarundi and beings searching the victim’s computer system. She finds evidence that one PARMAD ELOK had some sort of relationship to the victim.

“You, robot” says Quantum, as she points to one of the robots, “What’s your name?”

“I have no name,” replies the robot.

“Then what is your designation?”

“K-10-17” replies the robot.

“I’m just going to call you ‘Katy’,” says Quantum. “What can you tell me about the murder victim?”

“The murdered victim’s name is MALAK VANKAN. He was a member of the HAVEN ORGANIC SECURITY TEAM” says the robot.
Meanwhile, Brimstone has been checking out the corpse: he notices that the victim’s face is badly desiccated. He waves Winged Victory over.

“How horrible!” says Vicky.

“Quantum,” says ‘Katy,’ “shall I send out a request for his partner to be apprehended?”

“Who’s his partner?” asks Quantum.

“PARMAD ELOK” replies the robot.

“A partner in what?” asks Quantum.

“They are romantic partners” replies the robot. “Shall we apprehend her?”

“You should at least break the news of his death” says Vicky.

“Winged Victory,” says Quantum, “why don’t you go talk to his partner?”

“And Jaguarundi, why don’t you go talk to his family?” says Quantum.

“Does he have any family?” asks Jaguarundi.

“None” replies Katy.

“I’m done!” says Jaguarundi with a broad smile. “It was a dead end.”

“Can you give me a list of the last few security breaches he was assigned to?”

“Yes, I can do that” says Katy.

“Robot Katy, is there any video surveillance of this domicile?”

“Checking... Yes, there is exterior footage. Shall I play it?” says Katy.

“Yes, please” says Quantum.

The heroes see a holographic display showing a robot deliver the box, ring the doorbell, and then depart.
Quantum again uses her Cosmic Awareness to ask the Universe “who is the killer?” Again, she receives no answer. She again tries her Cosmic Awareness, asking: “Is Brimstone’s name Jake Everson?” This time, she gets ‘yes’ for an answer.

“Shall we take the corpse now?” asks Katy the robot.

“Yes, go ahead” says Quantum.

Winged Victory travels to PARMAD ELOK’S living quarters where she informs the alien of her lover’s death.

“How… what happened?” asks PARMAD.

“It was an assassination. Someone sent him a box of deadly insects which killed him” says Winged Victory. “Do the insects sound familiar to you?”

“No! Why should they?” replies PARMAD, who has started crying.

“Do you know of anyone who wanted him dead?” asks Vicky.

“No, not really” replies the alien, who suddenly seems nervous.

“How did you meet him?” asks Winged Victory.

“We met here in HAVEN” says PARMAD.

“Have you known him long?” asks Vicky.

“Not that long. We met about six months ago.”

“I feel sorry for your loss” says Vicky, who then departs.

Meanwhile, back at the scene of the murder…

“Robot Katy,” says Quantum “was there anyone else who had a grievance against VANKAN?”

“Insufficient data” replies Katy.

“Were there any friends of the victim?”

“DRAALFA MUADO and MALAK VANKAN were friends” replies the robot.

“DRAALFA MUADO? Who’s that?” asks Quantum.

“DRAALFA MUADO is the HAVEN Administrator” replies Katy.

“Jaguarundi, you there?” says Quantum.

“I am here” replies the Texan.

“Go talk to DRAALFA. He’s the only known associate, besides his girlfriend, of the murder victim” says Quantum.

“Go to his apartment and search it?” asks Jaguarundi.

“Yes” says Quantum.

Quantum again asks the Universe if the Administrator had anything to do with the murder of MALAK VANKAN. The Universe says “no.”
Jaguarundi goes to the Administrator’s abode where he sniffs around and smells the odor of an alien inside the apartment. Jaguarundi rings the “doorbell” and then runs outside. He runs onto the roof and down onto a landing, where he checks two doors, both of which are locked. He looks inside and sees a female SLAORIEN, the same species as the Administrator. Jaguarundi goes back on the roof where he tries another door which is also locked.

“Brimstone, tell the administrator that his wife is in danger and that she should leave immediately!” says Jaguarundi.

“Administrator, I just got a call from my compatriot that your wife may be in danger!” says Brimstone to the alien.
The Administrator says, “Wife? I have no wife. Do you mean my daughter?” When Brimstone nods ‘yes’, the Administrator calls his daughter.

“My dear are you alright?”

“Yes, but something strange just happened: the doorbell rang but when I opened the door no one was there” says the daughter.
Jaguarundi breaks into the admin’s house and begins searching it. He doesn’t smell any SKORVA but he does smell the faint presence of the murder victim, as if he was here weeks ago. He checks out the daughter’s room but finds nothing of interest. He then hears robots approaching.

“Intruder, halt or we shall open fire!” says one of the robots while pointing a blaster rifle at Jaguarundi.

“I’m Jaguarundi! Check your doohickeys and you’ll see that I’ve been deputized by your Administrator!”

“Checking” replies one of the robots. “Status confirmed: Jaguarundi, you are free to continue with your investigation.”

Look here, boys, we’re trying to find evidence connecting the murder victim to anything in this house.” The lanky hero then goes into the Administrator’s office and sits down in front of his computer. He figures out how to turn it on.

“Quantum, I need to know the Administrator’s com-poo-tor password.”

Quantum uses her Cosmic Awareness and the answer she gets is ‘LARASI’.
Jaguarundi then pokes around the computer, finding a letter dated a year ago in which MALAK VANKAN asks his ‘old buddy’ DRAALFA for a job. Jaguarundi then leaves the building and meets again with Quantum.

“Jaguarundi, how good is your nose?” asks Quantum.


“Hey Administrator!” says Brimstone.

“Yes, Brimstone, what is it?” replies the Administrator.

“What was, uh, what was he doing at your apartment two weeks ago?”

“He?” says the Admin, who suddenly seems uneasy. “Who are you talking about?”

“The victim” replies Brimstone.

“The victim?” asks the Admin, “Who are you talking about?”

“MALAK” says the big hero.

“Well, I suppose you should know: we served together, many years ago, in a military unit” says the Administrator. “MALAK had come over to ask for favors.
He wanted a higher prestige job. But I refused because he was bad at his job, I regret to say.”

“Jaguarundi, when I asked the first question, the Admin got a little nervous” says Brimstone.

“He’s gonna find out I was pokin’ around his apartment” says Jaguarundi. “I’m suspicious of the admin’s daughter, though I haven’t found a connection yet.”

Later: Jaguarundi and Quantum meet at the HAVEN Security building.

“Ah, Jaguarundi, here’s all of the collected evidence that the security robots took. I’d like you to examine each one, particularly this box, which I believe the insects came in…” says Quantum, “and see what you can find with that amazing sense of smell you have.”

“Alright” says Jaguarundi.

Jaguarundi then takes a deep breath and smells the box really well. He picks up a faint odor... “I got something” says the Texan.

Quantum activates her communicator and says, “Brimstone, Winged Victory, follow our radio beacons as we track the box.”

Quantum closely follows Jaguarundi as he begins tracking the scent. The trail leads the two heroes through HAVEN, into the spaceport, and up to the dock of a spaceship named the “Stellar Spirit.”

“Well,” says Jaguarundi, “these bugs did come from outer space: smells like Stellar Spirit!”

“Katy, can you tell me anything about this spaceship?”

“Affirmative: I am accessing the information now. The Stellar Spirit is a Class II Cargo ship that arrived in HAVEN two weeks ago. It is registered to Captain OSEN” says the robot.”

“What information can you give me about the captain?” asks Quantum.

“He is an independent ship captain who owns his vessel, and who makes intermittent trips to HAVEN” says Katy.

Jaguarundi turns to Quantum and says, “Should I smell for the scent of the people we’ve encountered so far?”

“Yes,” says Quantum.

Jaguarundi does not smell the administrator, the daughter, or the murder victim.

“Ok, nope” says Jaguarundi. “I don’t know what the connection is.”

Quantum asks the Cosmos “does the captain know that the contents of the box were meant to murder someone.” Quantum receives no answer. Quantum then asks the Cosmos another question: “Why is Captain OSEN called Capt. OSEN?” The answer she receives is: “That is his name.”

Captain OSEN agrees to be interviewed and allows the heroes to enter his ship.

“I am about to depart HAVEN. What is this about?” asks the captain.

“Did you know that you had a box on your ship?” asks Quantum.

“I carry many boxes on my ship” says the captain who is clearly agitated. “I transport people and things. That’s what I do. You are an uppity human! Why are you interrogating me as if I were some common criminal?”

“Maybe you ARE a common criminal…” says Quantum.

“You dare speak to me this way, human?” says the captain.

Robot ‘Katy’ interrupts and says, “Sir, this human, who is known as Quantum, has been given full authority by the HAVEN Administrator to investigate a murder. You should modulate your tone to one of respectful compliance.”

“What? A human put in charge of an investigation in HAVEN! Ridiculous!”

“This is our planet after all” says Quantum.

The captain, who is obviously very irritated at the situation, says: “Fine! I’ll answer your questions. What is it you want to know?”

“Did you know the victim, MALAK VANKAN?”

“I don’t know what you are talking about!” thunders the alien ship captain.

“There has been a murder. The victim’s name is MALAK VANKAN. Did you know him?” says Quantum.

“No, I’ve never heard the name before.”

“I want you to check your cargo records. We want the information you have on this box” says Quantum.
Capt. OSEN complies and checks the ship’s computer files.

“The box is listed as the property of BIYORMA” says the captain. “Now, may I leave?”

“Do you have any other information on this BIYORMA: a picture, an address, or anything else?” asks Quantum.

Robot Katy says, “Quantum, there are video logs of passengers embarking and disembarking from space-faring vessels.”

“Ok, show them to me” says Quantum.

“Very well” says the robot, who then displays a two-week old hologram. It shows the alien passengers disembarking from the ship and walking down the landing walkway. One of the passengers is wearing a hooded, dark grey cloak. The alien is clearly shaped like a humanoid but its face is hidden.

“This is BIYORMA?” asks Quantum. When Captain OSEN nods his head she says, “Freeze the film there!” The alien is carrying a large box. Quantum notices that a small area on the alien’s wrist is uncovered.

“Katy, zoom in on its wrist” says Quantum. As the camera zooms in, the heroes can plainly see that the alien has light-blue skin. “Katy, can you give me a list of aliens with light-blue skin?”

At this point, Jaguarundi pipes up and says, “Captain, have you been parked here since that alien left your ship?”

“Yes” replies the captain.

“Take me to that person’s room” says Jaguarundi. When he arrives he takes a good whiff around the cabin.

“I got a unique scent” says the lanky Texan.

Over their communicators they hear Brimstone say “Guys, a second murder has just occurred… someone named CRUGE HEMAK. His body is here at the EMPEROR’S CLUB.”

“One last question, captain” says Jaguarundi.

“What is it?” says the captain.

“What planet was this BIYORMA person from?”

“I do not recall” says the captain.

“That’s alright. They all got different life-support requirements, right?” asks Jaguarundi.


“Uh-huh. So, what were the special life-support requirements of this person?” asks Jaguarundi. “I betcha you haven’t changed those settings yet since you haven’t left HAVEN!”

“Nothing special” replies the captain.

“None at all?” asks Jaguarundi.


Jaguarundi says, “You sure? Did you check? I didn’t see you open no panels or check no T.V. screens…”

“Yes, I am quite sure” replies the captain, who has obviously grown tired of the seemingly endless questions.

“Alright” says Jaguarundi, “I’m off to see if I can’t track down this bee-yarma fella.” Jaguarundi then leaves the Stellar Spirit and runs off through the HAVEN spaceport. But as he is heading through HAVEN, he loses the scent.

A little bit later…

All of the heroes arrive at the EMPEROR’S CLUB, a den of gambling and prostitution on the PARK ROMANA level of HAVEN. They are taken to a booth where they see the body of the victim. After Jaguarundi once again picks up the scent of BIYARMA at the club, he leaves the place and begins to track the scent.

The owner, a female PERATONIAN, walks up to the heroes and introduces herself as SATI, the owner of the club.

“May I help you gentlemen?” says SATI.

Robot Katy says, “SATI, these humans have been deputized by Administrator DRAALFA in the matter of these murders. You must comply as best you can with their requests.”

“Do you have any footage of the victim?” asks Quantum.

“Yes, of course” she says.

“Fine, let’s see it” says Quantum.

“Come into my office.” As the heroes follow SATI she looks at Quantum and says, “You do not look human to me…”

“I’m not. I’m the superhero known as Quantum. I protect the Earth and the Sol system.”

“Well, Earth does need a lot of protection, doesn’t it?” says the alien with a smile.

“Here is video of the last 24 hours. Where should I start?” says SATI.

“Let’s start with the reason CRUGE HEMAK was here” says Quantum.

“CRUGE is… a regular” says SATI.

“And what does he regularly do?” asks Quantum.


“Does he have sexual relations with the girls” asks Quantum.

“Upon occasion” replies SATI.

“I see. I noticed that he is a SLAORIEN” says Quantum.

“Yes, indeed” replies SATI.

“Katy, are you with us?” asks Quantum.

“Yes, I am here” replies the robot.

“Can you give me any information on CRUGE HEMAK?” asks Quantum.

“CRUGE HEMAK is a member of the HAVEN ORGANIC SECURITY TEAM” replies the robot.

“Did he know MALAK VENKAN and… did he work for the Administrator?” asks Quantum.

“Insufficient data” replies Katy.

“Can you give us his apartment address?” asks Quantum.

“I can take you to his domicile” replies Katy.

The heroes then watch the club surveillance video provided by SATI. They see aliens coming and going from the club. They see CRUGE HEMAK enter the club and then stop when a female approaches him. She gives him a small device and he gives her some credits. CRUGE walks away, sniffing at the device he has apparently just purchased. CRUGE walks to the back of the club, sits down in a private booth, and then begins to twitch and jerk. Eventually, he slumps over and lies still.

“You have quite the surveillance system here” says Quantum as she looks at SATI. “Do you know what drug he took?”

“I can’t say that I do” replies the alien.

“Did you know that drugs are given to your patrons on a regular basis?” asks Quantum.

“No,” says SATI, “I did not know that.”

“Katy, what was the name of the Haven Security Chief who the Administrator recently fired?” asks Quantum.

“A’ANUR” replies the robot.

Meanwhile, in a different part of HAVEN…
Jaguarundi has been tracking the scent of the SKORVA box. It leads him to one of the numerous elevators that run along the outside “wall” of HAVEN. Jaguarundi sniffs the elevator buttons and picks up the scent again. He presses the Level 5 button and descends to the Desert Level.

Jaguarundi activates his communicator and says, “Jaguarundi here. I’ve gone down to the desert level. Our box-carrier “BIYARMA” took the elevator from the club down to the desert level.”

Brimstone replies to Jaguarundi and says, “Jaguarundi, did you know that the former security chief was named A’ANUR?”

“Oh, boy…” replies Jaguarundi, “Don’t ever try to make me say that name!”

“Good work, Jaguarundi” says Quantum.

“I could probably use some backup at this point” says Jaguarundi.

Back at the club, SATI asks the heroes if they are done with their investigation.

“Katy, will you summon the appropriate robots to take care of this unfortunate individual?” asks Quantum.

“Of course, Quantum” replies Katy.

A short time later, “medical” robots arrive and take the victim away. Brimstone, Quantum, and Winged Victory then travel down to the Desert Level and join Jaguarundi. Jaguarundi, with his friends following him, tracks the scent to an underground “bungalow.” The scent he is tracking ends at a frost-covered door.

“Winged Victory,” says Quantum, “can you turn non-corporeal and go through that door to see if it is a trap?”

Vicky responds to Quantum’s question by uttering the phrase E-Pluribus-Unum, turning into a ghost, and walking through the door. Winged Victory sees a small room that is covered in frost. Sitting in a chair, frozen solid, is another SLAORIEN alien. She leaves the room and rejoins her teammates.

“What did you find in there?” asks Quantum.

“It’s full of ice and snow and it appears that someone has been frozen” replies Vicky.

“Brimstone, smash the door open” says Quantum.

The big hero complies, easily pushing the door open, despite the fact that it had been totally frozen. The team then enters the room.

“Katy, who is this person… or do you have any records of who this victim might be” asks Quantum.

“Of course, Quantum: accessing HAVEN records… this individual’s name is G’LAL” says the robot.

“Who did G’LAL work for?” asks Quantum.

“G’LAL is part of the HAVEN ORGANIC SECURITY TEAM” replies the robot.

“Who else has worked with G’LAL, CRUGE, and MALAK VANKAN?” asks Quantum.

“Can you re-phrase that question” says the robot.

“Do you have records on any other co-workers that ever worked with CRUGE, G’LAL, and MALAK at any time?” says Quantum. At this point Quantum uses her communicator to once again contact the Haven Administrator, DRAALFA MUADO.

The Administrator answers Quantum’s call and says, “Quantum, how may I help you?”

“The first murder victim, MALAK VANKAN, you said you knew him in the past?” says Quantum.

“Yes, we were friends together in the military long ago” replies the alien.

“What military unit did you both serve in?” asks Quantum.

“We served in a unit we nicknamed ‘REIVERS’” replies the Administrator.

“Did you know CRUGE, HEMAK, or G’LAL?” asks Quantum.

“Why, yes, I did know them” says DRAALFA.

“Did you give them jobs as well?” asks Quantum.

“Yes, I did: they needed jobs so I provided them” replies the Administrator.

“This looks really bad, Administrator!” says Quantum. “Tell us what heinous crime you performed while a member of the REIVERS!” demands Quantum.

“The only thing I can think of is the time we had to leave behind one of our soldiers on a hostile alien world…” replies the Administrator. “But he was killed…”

“KOVAR was his name… he was SEFAVIRI while the rest of us were SLAORIEN” says the Administrator.

“SEFAVIRI…” replies Quantum, “what do they look like?”

“They are humanoids with light-blue skin” says DRAALFA.

“Why didn’t you tell me this information earlier” asks Quantum.

“Why should I?” asks the Administrator, “It didn’t seem pertinent at the time.”

“Are you ashamed that you left KOVAR behind on the alien world?” asks Quantum.

“Well, none of us were happy about it… but we didn’t have a choice: he was dragged away!” says the Administrator with some heat. “He was quite clearly going to be killed and there was nothing we could do about it!”

“Dragged away by whom?” asks Jaguarundi, who has been listening in on the conversation.

“Some sort of fungal alien creatures” replies the Administrator.

“Were they intelligent creatures?” asks Jaguarundi.

“Not that we were aware of…” says the Administrator, “but they could not be harmed by any of our weapons...”

“Well, we may have learned the killer’s motive…” says Winged Victory.

“Was that the planet them bugs came from?” asks Jaguarundi.

“SKORVA?” asks the Administrator, “No, no… they come from ZAAG-PHILANI.”

“Did you bring back KOVAR’S body?” asks Jaguarundi.

“No, it was quite impossible” replies the Administrator.

“What race was this fella?” asks Jaguarundi.

“He was SEFAVIRI” says the Administrator.

“Are they blue?” asks Jaguarundi.

“Yes, they have light blue skin” says DRAALFA.

“Do we still have that movie footage of the box-carryin’ alien?” asks Jaguarundi.

“Yes” says Katy.

“Why don’t you show it to the Administrator?” says Jaguarundi.
K-1017 “shows” the video to Administrator DRAALFA.

“So… what am I to make of this?” asks the Administrator.

“That box carrier has light blue skin; he could be your old pal KOVAR…” says Jaguarundi.

“How could that be possible?” replies the Administrator.

“What is the meaning of “BIYARMA” in the SEFAVIRI language?” asks Jaguarundi.
Katy turns to Jaguarundi and says, “It means ‘vengeance’.”

“There you go!” says Jaguarundi.

“Good!” says Brimstone. “Now we know that SHE is the killer!”

“There’s no reason to believe the killer is a she” says Jaguarundi.

Quantum says, “Administrator, are there any other members of your former military unit to whom you gave jobs to here in HAVEN?”

“Yes, there is one more…” says the Administrator, “his name is VILG.”

“We need to know exactly where he is at now” says Quantum.

Katy says, “Accessing HAVEN records… VILG works in the Maintenance area, Level 10.”

“Katy, can you call this VILG and warn him he is about to be attacked?” asks Quantum.

Robot Katy says, “Yes, Quantum. I am calling him now…”

Meanwhile… Jaguarundi has already run to the nearest elevator and clawed his way through its floor. He ran down to the Maintenance Level and found VILG, who is thrashing about on the floor. Some sort of device had been attached to his head, crushing it slowly… Jaguarundi uses his claws to slice the device in half, causing it to fall off of the alien’s head. Jaguarundi then checks for a pulse, finding the alien is still alive.

Jaguarundi gets on his communicator and says, “Found our latest victim… I got to him in time and saved him. It looks like he’ll be ok for a while.”

Jaguarundi again tracks the killer’s scent, which leads him back to the elevators and ultimately back to the Desert Level. He follows the scent into the desert where he finds a house-sized, undulating, alien blob which forms a pseudo-pod and strikes Jaguarundi, causing him biochemical damage.

Jaguarundi points at the creature and says, “No point fightin’, BIYARMA, if that is indeed your name! My companions are gonna be here soon, so you might as well give up!”

At this point, the other Vindicators show up.

Quantum says, “You, creature, surrender yourself!”

The creature says nothing, but Quantum’s communicator begins beeping.

Quantum answers her communicator: “Yes?”

An obviously distressed Administrator says: “Quantum! My daughter has been kidnapped! You were right: it is KOVAR! He taunted me, saying that he is taking her to the desert.”

Quantum replies, “Well, we’re a little busy at the moment fighting a giant, gelatinous monster in the desert!”

Jaguarundi says, “You heard KOVAR’S voice?”

“Yes, I am sure it was him” replies the Administrator.

“He said that I must appear or he will kill my daughter! I am on my way.”

The heroes then spend the next few rounds trying to damage the giant blob, but nothing they do has any effect on the creature. The Haven administrator, DRAALFA MUADO, and two other aliens arrive at the scene of the combat.

“So… you found my companion, did you?” says the sinister-looking KOVAR RAASA, who is holding the arms of the Administrator’s daughter, LARASI.

“Is that what it is?” says Jaguarundi. “It did smell like you…”

“Very clever of you” says the alien.

“Alright, surrender now!” says Jaguarundi.

“There’s one more thing that must happen… DRAALFA must pay with his life!”

“Well, DRAALFA’S not gonna pay with his life, so give up!” says Jaguarundi.

“And who are you?” says KOVAR, staring at the heroes. “You are the ones who have been interfering with my plans!”

“Well… yeah… but…” says Jaguarundi. “We thought ‘Vindicators’ was a little punchier!” cackles Jaguarundi. ‘The ones who interfered with my plans’ don’t really fit on the side of our spaceship!”

At this point Quantum flies down to KOVAR and attempts to wrestle away LARASI from his grasp, which she fails to do. Due to her super speed ability, she quickly tries again, this time pushing her strength. The second time she succeeds.

“Lookout, everyone, he’s super-strong” says Quantum, as she begins flying away, the Administrator’s daughter in her protective grasp.

Jaguarundi runs up to the alien villain, assumes a full defensive stance, and says, “You are under arrest, sir!”

Winged Victory then says, “Feddy, come help me!” She and Feddy attack KOVAR but Vicky misses and Feddy fumbles, losing the rest of his turn.

“Ha!” says KOVAR RAASA.

Jaguarundi interrupts the villain and says, “I rescued your last victim. Your crime-spree is over!”

KOVAR cries out in rage, screaming “Nooooo!” Tentacles spring forth from KOVAR’S body, and as they lash out at the Texan’s body, they miss.

“Administrator, did you know he could do this thing?” asks Jaguarundi.

“No!” says DRAALFA. “Until a few minutes ago I did not know that he was alive!”

“Is this what the creatures on the planet where he was lost look like?” asks Jaguarundi.

“Yes!” says the Administrator.

“How do you defeat them?” asks the Texan.

“That… was the problem. We could not defeat them!” replies the Administrator. “They were immune to all of our weapons.”

At this point, Quantum uses her Cosmic Awareness ability to ask a question: is there a way to defeat this creature? The answer she receives is ‘drown it.’

Quantum activates her communicator and says, “Vindicators listen up! Find as much water as you can and drown that thing!”

“What are we supposed to carry water in?” asks Brimstone.

“Use your imagination, Brimstone! Find water – that’s its weakness” says Quantum.

“On the Desert Level?” asks Brimstone, as he is hit by a tentacle of the blob, which badly burns his skin.

Winged Victory says, “The Swamp Level is below the Desert Level. Maybe we should make a hole so the creature will fall through…” She then attacks KOVAR RAASA with double slashing attacks, doing minimal damage to the villain.

“Hold on, Vicky” says Brimstone, “I’ll go get the water!”

KOVAR turns to Winged Victory and says, “You should join us!” Tentacles come from his body, striking Vicky, and transforming her into a slave of the alien.

“Administrator, come with me!” says Jaguarundi as he grabs him, hoists him onto his shoulders, and runs to the elevator.

“Hang on!” says the lanky Texan as he runs through a ripped-open elevator door, runs along the wall and heads to the elevator carrying his daughter, LARASI.

Jaguarundi operates his communicator and says, “Quantum, I’ve got the Administrator and his daughter and I’m takin’ both of ‘em down to the bottom level.”

“What’s your plan?” asks Quantum.

“The plan is to lure the creature to a level where there is water!”

“What if they won’t follow?” says Quantum.

“Let’s hope I’m right!”

Brimstone hops on Fuego and flies away, heading toward the Swamp Level of HAVEN. Meanwhile Quantum has travelled to the GANGSTER Level to search for a water tower. Eventually, Winged Victory throws off the spores influence and manages to regain control of her faculties. She then turns non-corporeal, sinks through the desert sand, and appears on the “swamp” level of Haven.

Jaguarundi tells the Administrator to get KOVAR on the phone and get him to come to his location.

“KOVAR, this is DRAALFA… I’m here on Level Six... don’t you want to come kill me?”

Jaguarundi says, “Administrator, are you willing to challenge him to single combat? It won’t be single combat because you’re gonna lie, but if you’re willing to lie we can help you out…”

The Administrator uses his communicator again and says, “KOVAR, It is I, DRAALFA. I challenge you to single combat. Come to me on the swamp level!”

“You think me a fool?” responds KOVAR.

“Yes, you are a fool! You’re a fool for coming back! I’m sorry we did not try to save you… we thought you were dead!” says DRAALFA.

“I didn’t die, you fool! I gained god-like powers!” responds KOVAR.

Jaguarundi says, “Administrator, ask him where he’d like to fight and we’ll go there.”

“KOVAR, where would you like to meet so you can kill me and your vengeance will be complete?”

“Come back to me then” says KOVAR.


Quantum has given up on her plan to carry a water tower since it won’t fit through the HAVEN’S elevator shafts. Instead, she flies to the frozen “bungalow,” the location in which the third victim was killed by freezing temperature. She finds the device that caused the freezing effect and re-engineers it to create a “condensation bomb.” Quantum then meets up with the other Vindicators, who have reformed and are almost ready to fight against the villain.

“Jaguarundi, take this device!” says Quantum. “It is a condensation bomb and will generate roughly 10,000 pounds of water when you hit this button. Throw it at KOVAR and make sure you hit!”

Jaguarundi takes the bomb, runs up to KOVAR RAASA, and throws the “bomb” at him, hitting him with a critical, and dousing him with hundreds of gallons of water! Tentacles and pseudo-pods begin flailing about as the creature begins to dissolve, but it he is not quite destroyed.

Brimstone then runs up to the creature and dumps the contents of his makeshift metal cone, filled with water, over what remains of the alien. The last bits of the creature dissolve away to nothingness.

Jaguarundi says, “Administrator, get your robots up here and scoop up all this sand! It’s gonna have to be kept in a secure location for a long, long time.”


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The ROYAL SOCIETY, the world’s oldest scientific academy, wishes to award Quantum the Copley Medal, their most prestigious award. In the past, it has been given to scientists such as Ben Franklin, Louis Pasteur, Charles Darwin and Albert Einstein. The Society would also like her to give a speech about faster-than-light physics. Quantum agrees and she and Brimstone travel to London, England.

The next day, Quantum stands at a lectern in the Society’s large hall, and gives a speech detailing her discovery of faster-than-light physics. At the end of her speech, the members of the Society give her a standing ovation.

Later, both heroes are given a tour of the Royal Society and are introduced to many of the society’s members, including Dr. William Frost. Hoping to please his daughter, Dr. Frost asks Quantum if she will spend some time with her. He says Brimstone is welcome to come as well.

“My daughter is a great admirer of yours, Quantum, she is your greatest fan” says the man.

“I would be delighted to meet your daughter,” says a smiling Quantum.

That evening, Quantum and Brimstone arrive at Dr. Frost’s house in central London. Dr. Frost and his wife, Abigail – both with big smiles on their faces -- greet the heroes and invite them in.

“Karen,” says Dr. Frost, raising his voice so he would be heard, “they are here; come on down.”

A young girl, about fourteen wearing a powder-blue dress and sporting long black hair, walks down the stairs and over to the heroes.
“Hi, I’m Karen” says the girl who smiles at the heroes. “Quantum, you’re really famous and rich. I’m going to be famous and rich like you,” says the girl matter-of-factly.

Quantum looks at Brimstone and says, “Hello, dear. Well, I’m not really wealthy…”

Interrupting Quantum, Karen Frost looks up at Brimstone and says “I want you to kill your friend.”

Dr. Frost, whose face is now ashen in color, says “I’m terribly sorry… we had no choice!”

Brimstone, now mind-controlled, swings at a surprised Quantum and connects. He knocks her through the wooden door and twenty feet out into the street.

The two heroes continue to fight for several rounds with Quantum trying to snap her friend out of his mind-controlled state. Failing to bring Brimstone back to his senses, Quantum decides to jury-rig an electrical device to shock Brimstone out of his controlled state.

Her impromptu invention completed, she flies over to the big hero and zaps him. Brimstone stops, shakes his head, and says “Thanks, Quantum, I couldn’t control myself. That girl is pure evil. What do we do now?”

“I have an idea. Listen…”

Meanwhile, back in New York City… The millionaire debutante Carol Daily (a.k.a. Winged Victory) is giving a party at her posh penthouse apartment. Her friend, singer/songwriter Ira Klein (a.k.a. Jaguarundi) is providing entertainment to the guests. Suddenly, the door bursts open and a costumed woman and four 800 pound gorillas rush in.

“Well, well, well… if it isn’t the rich and fabulous!” says the masked girl with a smile. “Hand over your valuables if you don’t want to end up on the bad side of my pets!” Several of the female guests scream and there is a general panic amongst the shocked and terrified party-goers.

In the confusion Ira slips out a window and runs up to the balcony where he quickly changes into his superhero costume. Down in the apartment, the huge apes are systematically going from guest to guest, taking their cash, jewelry, watches, and other valuables, and throwing it all in a cloth bag that each carries.

After the gorillas have taken all of the guests’ valuables, the Gorilla Girl turns to Carol Daily and says, “Ok, toots, you’re coming with us…”

And as she says this, Jaguarundi bursts into the living room and exclaims in his thick Texas accent, “I’m sorry, ma’am, but I can’t allow you and yer hairy pets t’ get away!”

And with that said a big brawl occurs.

Back in Jolly Old England, Brimstone returns to the Frost’s estate carrying Quantum’s limp body. As he drops her body in front the young Karen Frost, the girl says “Oh, good. You’ll make a nice pet, I think.”

“Grab her, Brimstone. I’m going to put our little Miss Frost out of action” says Quantum as she suddenly springs up. Brimstone grabs the girl while Quantum places a jury-rigged device on her head. “This should block your mental powers quite nicely.”

In London, Brimstone and Quantum manage to defeat the future Motivator while in New York, Jaguarundi and Winged Victory defeat Gorilla Girl and her pets.

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