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Author Topic: Real world superhero defends NATO Summit
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Post Real world superhero defends NATO Summit
on: May 23, 2012, 18:14

Here is a story about a real-life superhero helping to protect the NATO Summit:


...although they stupidly mix up Flash Gordon with "The Flash" and seem to think that Batman can fly. (I suspect they made such obvious errors just to make their little article even more condescending, though!)

Cosmic Superhero
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Post Re: Real world superhero defends NATO Summit
on: May 24, 2012, 00:46

Hah! Just played an adventure there on Saturday night! My two newest GMs ran and I got to play!

This is too amazing. Thanks for the article, Jack!

p.s. Obviously a Christian by his scriptural references, I just want to say - I have an alibi. 😀

Cosmic Superhero
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Post Re: Real world superhero defends NATO Summit
on: May 24, 2012, 19:32

Guy looks just as absurd as the rest of these "modern/real life superheroes" and it is just a matter of time before one of them gets themselves or some innocent people killed playing their little cosplay games.

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Post Re: Real world superhero defends NATO Summit
on: October 4, 2012, 13:04

And sides start getting taken on the issue of the SHRA..... 🙂

Street-Level Hero
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Post Re: Real world superhero defends NATO Summit
on: November 6, 2013, 03:22


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High-Powered Superhero
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Post Re: Real world superhero defends NATO Summit
on: February 10, 2017, 08:52

Years ago I saw a short film about "real life superheroes" - all of these people are amazingly altruistic, and no more insane than many pop culture or political figures. Mostly they hand out water, blankets and succor to those in need. There are some who prowl looking for villains, armed only with a can of mace and a cell phone (they usually know the law better than any "good guy with a gun") and only physically intervene when there is no other choice.

Cosmic Superhero
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Post Re: Real world superhero defends NATO Summit
on: February 10, 2017, 20:13

This phenomenon drives in Dave Mazzucchelli's (Batman: Year One, Daredevil: Born Again) statement all the deeper: "Superheroes are most real when they are drawn in ink."

While I certainly accord those individuals pulling off this routine all the respect possible - having some fun wearing the costume while effecting some actual social justice is absolutely no problem - I do hope that this sort of intervention is as far as things are ever going to go. The more people actually start wishing that such thing were real and start circumventing the law in order to accomplish it, the more we really do start looking at a point where "Today is the day I stop taking crap from [fill in social/cultural group of choice here]", the gun/knife gets pulled out and "I was only standing my ground" becomes the excuse that makes it all okay. That Boy Scout looked real threatening when he was hawking those cookies...those pre-adolescents are just multiple-murderers in waiting...I did everyone a favour, even if they don't realize it yet...

As Frank Castle says to Matt Murdock in Daredevil, season two, "You're just one bad day away from becoming me." The RLSH movement, as stated, is no problem for me and to be celebrated when those involved really are doing more for their community than mandated social workers could imagine. I would hope that, if someone actually does take it upon themselves to do the vigilante thing, those RLSH people would be the first ones to come to the fore and shut such an individual down.

Cosmic Superhero
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Post Re: Real world superhero defends NATO Summit
on: February 11, 2017, 08:22

I was in my prime 'super hero RPG playing era' back in the mid-1980s when Bernhard Goetz (in)famously shot some teenagers on the NYC subway who were about to mug him. Many of us will probably remember how, at the time, that event (and his subsequent trial) generated a lot of speculation in the press about rampant urban crime and the emergence of 'citizen vigilantes,' accompanied by references to Dirty Harry and to Charles Bronson's Death Wish films.

Several times in the intervening decades I've had occasion to think back to that (most recently, perhaps, spurred a few years ago by the emergence of 'Phoenix Jones' in Seattle), and I am always amazed that there has never been more of that sort of thing in America. It has remained, in my mind anyway, surprisingly sporadic and individual.

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