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Author Topic: The Book of Magic
Cosmic Superhero
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Post The Book of Magic
on: June 30, 2010, 03:26

I figured I'd start a separate thread compiling the various magical based items, spells, etc., I've posted.

Acid Cloud - A 5' x 5' cloud of dark green mists forms where indicated, inflicting 2d8 damage to all within. Attacks as Chemical Power; R= INT+CHR; PR=4

Acid Rain: Menacing looking dark clouds rapidly form, before releasing a highly corrosive rain storm on the victim. Attacks as Chemical Power, 2d8 damage, R=INT+END, PR=8

Aura of Fear: Attacks as Emotion Control (Fear). The spell caster generates an aura that will cause those coming into contact with it to recoil in fear. R=CHR x 2, Max area affected = CHR inches, PR=3 per turn.

Babel: Save vs. Int x 3 on d100, or speak nothing but incoherent babble for 1d4 hours. R = INT x 2, PR=4

Banshee’s Wail: Attacks as a Sonic attack inflicting 1d12 damage. PR=2, R= INT x 2

Cat's Eye: Grants the spellcaster night vision. No penalties for darkness. R = Self, PR=1

Chain Lightning - A bolt of mystic lightning erupts from your hand, attacking all in its path. A separate to hit roll is required for each target the caster wishes to strike. R=INT+CHR/2; damage = 2d8 -1 for each additional target struck, PR=3+1 for each additional target struck.

Charm: Allows the spellcaster roll on the reaction table that is most favorable to him, as though he had a Charisma of 30.

Command: Attacks as Mind Control. The spellcaster may issue a specific verbal command such as “Run away”, "attack your friend", etc. The victim must save vs. INT, or will be forced to comply with the spellcaster’s wishes. R=CHR x 2, PR=12.

Dispersal: The spellcaster’s body dissolves into smoke. The spellcaster may then pass through any solid object that a gas or vapor would normally be able to pass through, on his next move, as if it weren’t there. If the caster ends his movement in a solid object, such as a wall, he immediately takes 1d8 damage, and reappears next to the object. PR=3

Eagle’s Claw: Attacks as Natural Weaponry for HTH+1d6 damage. R=INT x 2, PR=1

Enrage: Attacks as Emotion Control. Area affected = CHR”. Anyone in the affected area must save vs. INT or, become enraged, attacking both friend and foe alike, until they either make successful save, or be come exhausted. R =I NT+END x 2, PR=20.

Fireball: Attacks as Flame Control doing 1d12 damage. Range is equal to Intelligence + Endurance. PR=3 per an attack.

Inferno: On a successful attack role, the target is completely engulfed in mystical flames, which will continue to burn until extinguished, the spell caster is killed, or otherwise incapacitated. Attacks as Flame Power doing 1d12 damage per turn. Range is equal to Intelligence + Endurance. PR=8 per turn maintained.

Iron Will: Allows the spellcaster to defend against mystical and psionic attacks as though they had Willpower (A). R = Self, PR=2 per turn.

Run like the Wind: +100" of ground movement, R = Self/Touch; PR=3

Jaylyn’s Merciful Touch: The spell caster is capable of mystically healing the wounds of anyone he lays hands on. The spellcaster must be in direct physical contact with the person he is attempting to heal, and must do nothing else for one full turn. If successful, the spell will heal 3d10 points of damage. R=Touch, PR=8

Jaylyn’s Healing Slumber: Allows the spellcaster to slip into a coma like state. While in this state, the spell caster will heal wounds and recover power at an accelerated rate. They’ll recover HP, at their standard rate, each hour, instead of per day. While in this state, the spellcaster is completely defenseless. PR=15.

Mirror Image: This spell creates a mirror image of the spellcaster. Treat as Illusions (A). R = INT x 2, PR=2+1 per each additional image created.

Mystic Bolt: Attack as Powerblast. 1d20 damage, R = END x 2, PR=3

Noxious Vapor: The spellcaster inhales, then exhales a cloud of noxious black vapor that attacks as Chemical Power, All actions are at -4. R = END/2, PR=2

Silence: Prevents use of Sonics, Spells, Command words, etc. in a sphere of up to 18 inch radius. Range = 46 inches, PR is 2 per turn maintained. It requires an action to reshape or move the volume of silence (in addition to the PR for maintenance), but no additional PR for movement.

Sphere of Protection: Creates a mystical barrier that completely surrounds the caster. Defends as Force field. PR=1 per square inch covered by the sphere, +1 per 2 points of damage repulsed. The maximum area that can be covered is per the Force Field rules in the rule book.

Sleep: Attacks as Mind Control. The victim must save vs. INT on d100 or sleep for 1d4 hrs. R = INT, PR=10

Smite: Forms a "hand" of mystical energies that allows the spellcaster to strike his opponent at a distance. Damage = 1d8; PR=1, R= I + E/2.

Spirit Drain: The victim is affected as though they were hit with a Devitalization Ray attack. R = INT x 2, PR=3

Spirit Blade: A brightly shimmering bladed weapon forms from the ether, allowing you to strike your opponents, for 3d6 damage to their Power Score, for each successful attack. The attack is +3 to hit. R = HTH, PR=2.

Thunderbolt: Attacks as Lightning Control, doing 2d8 damage, and serving as a carrier for a Sonic Attack of 1d12. Range = INT x 2, PR = 7.

Thunderclap: When the spellcaster claps his hands, a massive sonic boom is created. Attacks as Sonic Abilities.1d12 damage, R= END, PR=3

Tokor’s Mighty Fist: A giant mystical fist forms from the ether, allowing the spellcaster to strike his enemies from afar. Attacks as Force Field. 1d12 damage, R = END x 2, PR=2

Tongues: Allows the spellcaster to speak & understand any language. R = Self/Touch; PR=1

Unlock: Opens any lock, R=INT+CHR, PR=1

Whirlwind: The spellcaster creates a tornado that operates under his complete control. Attacks as Weather Control. R= I x 2. Damage as per Tornado on the Weather Control table

As not all of these have seen actual game play, I'd like to hear some feedback on them. Especially your thoughts on PR requirements and damage.

Cosmic Superhero
Posts: 1945
Post Re: The Book of Magic
on: July 1, 2010, 04:21

So, any of you take a look at these yet? What do you think? Do any of them seem wildly out of balance, when compared to each other, or to the powers listed in the rulebook? How about throwing a brother a bone? 😉

Cosmic Superhero
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Post Re: The Book of Magic
on: July 4, 2010, 15:43

All looks good to me - with the caveat that I haven't actually played V&V for years - but intend to correct that error ASAP.

(PS. 'Wale' should be spelled 'Wail', but besides that didn't see any obvious errors)

Cosmic Superhero
Posts: 1945
Post Re: The Book of Magic
on: July 4, 2010, 16:06

Thanks for the catch.

Cosmic Superhero
Posts: 1945
Post Re: The Book of Magic
on: April 20, 2011, 16:01

Here are a few more spells I never got around to posting here, if you get a minute, I'd really like to here what you think of them.

Eyes of the Eagle: PR=2, R=Self, 1 hour duration. The spellcaster's vision is mystically enhanced, granting him a +4 hit bonus.

Levitation: The spellcaster hovers just above the surface, allowing him to move at his normal movement rate over any surface. PR=1 per hour.

Nauseate: The character has the ability to induce nausea in others (either mentally, through some sort of physical means). Nauseate attacks as Emotion Control and follows the same rules (see p. 12) with the following modifications. Range = Intelligence, PR=4 per successful attack. Affected characters are at -4 on all of their attack rolls.

Quake: Th ground begins to shake violently in an area = to the spellcaster's INT+CHR/2. Attacks as Vibratory Powers. Anyone standing must save vs. AGL or fall for 1d4 damage, objects in the affected area, such as buildings will suffer 1d12 damage, per turn. PR=8

Run like the Wind: +100" of ground movement, R = Self/Touch; PR=3

Steel Skin: The spellcaster’s skin becomes impervious to harm. The spellcaster is treated as though they had 30 points of Invulnerability for 5 turns. R=Self, PR=8 per turn.

Cosmic Superhero
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Post Re: The Book of Magic
on: December 21, 2011, 17:54

Ive got 1 for ya(apologies to D&D)
Magic Missile 1d12 force damage,always hits PR 5

Cosmic Superhero
Posts: 1945
Post Re: The Book of Magic
on: September 28, 2012, 07:08

I've got a few magic items (the Medusa Mask, Vorpal Blade, Ring of Protection) and I'm wondering if you guys would like to see them as well.

Posts: 49
Post Re: The Book of Magic
on: October 7, 2012, 18:22

It's really nice to see someone take the effort to actually make a list of Spells for their V&V campaign! I always kept things open and vague like the rules, but I was also too lazy to sit down and write up a whole bunch of actual spells 🙂

Are these the official Spells for your campaign world, or just examples in general?

Oh, and put me down as one vote for "Yes, show us the magic items!"

Street-Level Hero
Posts: 4
Post Re: The Book of Magic
on: May 25, 2017, 12:16

I let each spellcaster design their own spells based off of the flavor of their character, some choose elemental, spirits, totems, etc. Case in point: one healing spell might be based off of dice PRx per d6, another choose PR increase based off of the die type, one person picked multiplier to the target's healing rate as X rounds of regeneration. This method challenged each person to truly invent their powers. They got one free spell at each level and could use inventing points to 'whip something up' or perm mod an existing spell. Each quick spell was based off of an existing power at 1/3 the range, damage, and duration, with 3x the cost, but could be modified by how many inventing points they wanted to invest in the spell at creation.

Cosmic Superhero
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Post Re: The Book of Magic
on: May 25, 2017, 12:33

Welcome to the site, Capnobody! 🙂

V&V GM and player since 1982 (my current campaign is 22 years old); also run West End Games d6 Star Wars monthly, as well as the occasional The One Ring and Marvel Heroic Roleplaying game

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