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Super Beauty Revisited  


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17/02/2019 5:18 am  

On the old forum there was quite the discussion regarding superhuman looks and how to do them. Several people put forward Limited Emotion Control Always On, but that would be very tedious. My current thought is to Make it a Physical Power that on a failed CL save gives a -3 to all rolls. Those affected get a save each round and once having saved a character is immune for the rest of the day. Any other thoughts?

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19/02/2019 9:44 pm  

If it is Super Attractiveness, that controls people, like DC's character Poison Ivy, consider it a form of Mind Control with the Silent Mind Control modifier. Beauty is subjective, so it can only work on a victim who is susceptible to being attracted to it. But let's say you base it on the Gender Identity, Expression, Sex, and Sexual Attraction (section 2.1.6). 

If you can't control people in an magical way, then just use Heightened Cool. Since it is used in Influence Tasks Section 3.1.1