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Duplication Modifier - Illusory Copies  


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25/08/2019 2:45 pm  

Duplication Modifier - Illusory Copies: Rather than being physical copies of your character your duplicates are Full Illusions that affect Visible Light and Audible Sound Senses. You may create a number of Illusory Copies equal to twice the number of Duplicates you would normally be able to split into, minus one. For example, at 20 CPs you can split into 2 Duplicates. (2 - 1) x 2 = 2 Illusory Copies. At 30 CPs you would be able to create 4 Illusory Copies.

I came up with this idea for a player that wanted something akin to Mirror Image, but he didn't want to go all-in on Illusions. The reason I created the formula for how many Illusory Copies you get is that I think you should get more of them since they cannot attack, use your Abilities, or take damage.

I'd love some feedback or suggestions. As for my own questions, I'm wondering what the CP refund should be and also whether or not the Illusory Copies need to remain within a diameter of their creator.

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26/08/2019 7:44 pm  

Why not just use summoning and have the summons buy abilities that simulate illusions, or just non-corporeal ability. As an example if you want the "mirror images" to shoot the same blast as the main character, just buy that ability for each and so forth.

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27/08/2019 2:55 pm  

It appears this version has duplicates that don't shoot.  I know my magic-wielding character in my game (that has a spell called Mirror Image) has the ability to create a bunch of duplicates.  But - like the D&D spell - they all just mimic his actions; they don't actually shoot at opponents, even if they all might appear to (if they did, it would be just the visual and auditory illusions that they are firing).

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29/08/2019 8:55 am  

This sounds a lot like the  D&D spell Mirror Images. Why not just use the Illusions ability to simulate it? If it's a spell (or tech-created thing), it could go into an Arsenal to make it cheaper.


Illusions: Visible Light & Audible Sounds, PR=2 per Round, 9" diameter (15), Analytical (+10), Area Moves with Self (+5), Misc: illusions can only be copies of the character (-10). Total CP cost = 20.

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29/08/2019 2:14 pm  


Arsenal reduces it to 1 Charge which means you would need to buy Duration or multiple Charges and that will increase the cost well beyond 20 CPs. Also, to get 20 CPs in an Arsenal Option/Slot you need 25 CPs in Arsenal, and this is a new Standard level character, so his Core Abilities are capped at 20 starting out. I also wanted something less complex than Arsenal for this particular player since he is new to V&V 3.0.

Let's assume he just uses the base Illusions ability to do this. He will then be sacrificing his entire Movement Phase (per Illusions on pto maintain it, which is the opposite of what he wants to be doing. I suppose I could get him to spend 5 Points in the Time Requirement modifier to reduce the time it takes to Create, Maintain, or Change an Illusion from 1 Movement Phase down to "No Time" so it's not such a hindrance.


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02/09/2019 10:52 pm  

I'm late to the party, but since Brian mentioned the D&D 'Mirror Images' spell, and it just so happens I did a conversion of that for my home campaign, here's how I did it (as an Arsenal Option):

SHIELD: +15 Defense, -3 Breakpoint (15)
One Arsenal Charge (-12.5)
No Shield Bash, but character appears to have companions (0)
Innate (+2.5)
Charges: 2d2 successful uses (i.e., 2d2 images) (+7.5)
Works even when the character doesn't see the attack coming (+5)
Time Limit: 1 hour (-7.5)
Total Option Size: (10) CPs