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Regeneration question  


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26/04/2020 9:54 pm  

With Regeneration, you're supposed to pick one attack form that you can't regenerate the damage from. How would that work if you choose the option to regenerate Power Points instead of Hit Points?

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27/04/2020 3:07 am  

One of the classical "why didn't I think of that" things ... interesting question and I never thought about that.

I could imagine two options:

1) this part of the ability is supposed to work for health regeneration and does not need to apply to power

2) There is no difference between hit and power regeneration. You still choose one form of damage that cancels your power regeneration. So e.g. you get hit by an ice ray and as ice is your weakness you now regenerate power at your normal rate until you were able to shove off the effects of the ice (--> heal the afflicted damage).

Reading these two options myself I would expect 2) to be correct.

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Jeff Dee
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29/04/2020 8:35 pm  

Actually, your suggestion 1) is correct, Curse.

I'll add a note to the Errata.


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29/04/2020 8:57 pm  

Thanks, Jeff. The player who prompted that question will be happy to hear it. 😀