Mission Kills  


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11/08/2019 3:52 pm  

mission kill (plural mission kills)

(military, slang) An attack or damage inflicted by a weapon that does not destroy a military vehicle but results in it taking no further part in its intended mission.

Let's talk about abilities that drain Power, Paralyze, Control, or otherwise remove players from combat without knocking them out.

Pros to Crowd Control and Power drain:

  • Gives players another attack vector for dealing with highly armored or invulnerable foes and/or foes with large Hit Point pools.
  • Adds variety to combat.
  • Adds flavor to combat.
  • Allows players to feel they are filling a role other than damage dealer. Punching and Blasting is fun, but it's not for everyone.

Cons to Crowd Control and Power drains:

  • Leads to "feel bad" moments.
  • Extremely difficult to recover from Save attacks once Initial Save fails.
  • Having plenty of Abilities but no Power with which to use them.
  • Encouraged to flee to Rest and fight another day, but unable to Push to increase Ground or Flight movement speeds.
  • You become extremely fragile - You cannot Roll With damage, and also are vulnerable to being killed. If Power and HP are both zero, you die.

I have some ideas on how to keep Crowd Control and Power Drain from getting out of hand, but I'm interested in your opinions and ideas. Do you feel that these types of Abilities diminish player enjoyment? Why or why not? If you don't see a problem with them, how have you and your players used them? If you do see them as a problem, how have you balanced them out in your own campaigns?

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20/08/2019 4:19 pm  

I think 'Save or Suck' powers/abilities are ones that GMs have to be really careful with.  Not just in this game, but in all games.

There's (almost) nothing worse than a player having to sit there and do nothing, because their PC is stunned, transformed, exhausted, or controlled.  With exhaustion at least one still has options, but they still often feel quite limited.

My first V&V PC (back in 2E) had Paralysis Ray, and even back in high school we swiftly realized that it was obnoxious, so I dropped it and took something else instead.  We then made a house rule that it should only be used sparingly (by heroes and villains alike).

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