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11/04/2020 8:36 pm  

So if my character has Darkness Control that affects Light:Visible spectrum, it imposes 2 levels of sensory loss on normal sight, thus rendering his teammates blind in his globs of darkness.

To invent some heightened sensory goggles as gear to assist them in seeing:

Vision is normally a full sense (+10) and ranged (+5) but as they are free to characters do you still pay the +15 CP fpr those elements?

Heightened Senses Goggles

Light: Visible (Full) +10
Ranged +5
Amplified Sense x2 +10
Multitudes x8 +15
Gear -5 (GBC 14 for our game level)
Change PR0 to unlimited charges and reduce to 1x1 hour charges -22.5
Total 40-22.5 = 17.5 inventing points

Is that how it works or do you get the 15CP for vision full/ranged for free?

And can the party all chip in some inventing points to cooperate in this?


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13/04/2020 7:33 am  

As you see in the table on p.44 there is the option to include a +1 modifier to senses - so you can create goggles that work from your sensory level and add one or more levels. So there is no need to pay 15 CP for the visual sense that a normal human already has.

I didn't find it yet but I am convinced that I saw characters (possibly by bkadams) with shared ability points for the base. So you could share the costs for the goggles, too. Although if you remove the 15 CP for the sense and the multitudes there is hardly any need for sharing points - everyone can spend the few points by himself. But if your inventing character wants to supply his team your version is a good way to go. 🙂

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13/04/2020 5:24 pm  

Curse is right.  You don't have to pay for the 15 pts. that all human characters have.

And yes, characters can 'pitch in' some of their CP towards things like a Base that they all share (or equipment, like this).

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