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CP vs Wealth?  


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20/04/2020 6:12 pm  

For the Special Weapon ability it can cost 10CP or so for a sword.

With a wealth roll you could buy one and use it. How does it roll when a character wants to just buy a weapon. There are many martial arts stores to buy weapons from etc, and guns as well.

As a GM would you preclude players buying kit and force them to invent it as CP used?


Jeff Dee
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21/04/2020 12:09 am  

"Wealth may never be used to purchase gear that will be used
more than once by the character's superhero identity (Special
Weapons, Vehicles, Bases, etc.) - it may only be used to pay for
incidental expendable purchases, or for items to be possessed
solely by the character’s pedestrian identity." (MP p. 147)


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