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Any More "Situation Room" Details?  


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01/05/2020 11:49 am  

On the Roll20 'get-together' last Sunday, I think I heard/read Jack Herman note that the upcoming "Situation Room" adventure had to be re-written in the light of "current events."  I didn't get any further details beyond that.

Curious, I went to the MP/V&V3e Kickstarter page just now to look for the description of the adventure, and found this:

"When the Mighty Protectors are called off-world for an interstellar emergency, their worst enemies - The Unhuman League - launch a blood curdling operation to take over America. Can you and your teammates stop them?"

I wonder whether Jack (or Jeff) might be add any further detail here about about this plot, in even the most general terms, that required it to be re-written in light of "current events"? I imagine that we can all make an obvious guess.  But any details "from the horse's mouth" would be much more interesting than a guess from a long distance.  

Since the release of the MP rulebook, I have been very curious about the MP stats for the Mighty Protectors themselves.  Jeff very kindly responded to another of my recent posts by noting that their stats are planned to be included in this adventure. 

From the time this was first mentioned on the Kickstarter page in 2016, this new adventure by Jack Herman and Jeff Dee has been the MP publication to which I have most looked forward, and by a wide margin.  The potential inclusion of MP stats for the Mighty Protectors themselves only adds to that. 

Anyone else reading this post feel the same way, or differently?

Black America, in particular, has been a character who has intrigued me since I first saw him on the cover of "Living Legends." On that same cover, I also really liked Tracer/Nemesis.  But his LL character sheet was (and maybe still is?) posted on the old LL website.

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14/01/2021 11:51 am  

This is off-topic but I cannot seem to Add a New Topic -- and this concerns Vehicles and Bases.  I went through the guidelines trying to help a player create a hi-tech motorcycle and found the guidelines for such to be seriously lacking have you expanded this guidelines and/or do you have some examples of making small to large vehicles as well as bases?  If not I can perhaps dig into this and shoot some ideas your way as I have helped design a few games in the past and have a pretty good handle on game balance and crunchy bits and fun