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Animals and Weaknesses  


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20/06/2019 5:26 pm  

I'm working on converting some dinosaurs for an upcoming return to the Secret Land.

As I do so, I'm wondering how many of the normal character Weaknesses I should take.  I mean, technically, for a Tyrannosaurus rex one could take Lowered Intelligence: Non-Sentient, Distinctive (one could do both Noticeability and Unattractive), Poverty and Uneducated all make sense.

Some of these seem like a stretch.  I mean, just about every animal is going to have some (or most) of those.

I'm wondering what others have done.

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21/06/2019 9:22 am  

I've used all of the examples you've listed and a few you haven't, such as Mute and Physical Disability: No Hands. You could list all of the weaknesses animals get but per the rules the most they get is (-20) CPs.

Perhaps there should be a new over-arching Weakness that combines various weaknesses but applies only to animals... something like:

Animal: Distincitive, can't talk, can't use machinery, has no income, and lowered intelligence: non-sentient. This is worth (-20) CPs.

Animal, Humanoid: As above but does have hands/fingers and can operate machinery/technology. This weakness is worth (-15) CPs.

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23/06/2019 5:55 pm  

There is a general rule: 2.1.3 Species 

" Many species have no special Abilities of their own, or they
receive a combination of Abilities and Weaknesses that add up
to 0. Some, however, get a package of Abilities worth (20) CPs.
This reduces the starting values of each of their Core Abilities by
(5) CPs.

this "Package of abilities" could describe general taxonomy like, small. medium and large, avian,  amphibian, carnivore, predator. Like Star Frontiers had a general template of alien creatures to start with.


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23/06/2019 6:20 pm  

Good point, GiantGorilla.  This does seem to suggest creating one's own "package of abilities" as bk did, above.

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30/06/2019 9:48 am  

We could really use a source book that lays out the basics with templates for animals, and average vehicles, weapons, and equipment. I would love to see some common animals stats, and then have a guide to making your own as well as some more specific mechanics like small bands and packs of animals all the way up to swarms of insects and herds of beasts. It's easy to say "make it up" but within a game where combat mechanics are SO granular and specific, it doesn't work that way.