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25/04/2019 3:52 pm  

This Tuesday my son ran some of us through the latest adventure for the Sentinels. There were others that wanted to play, but he capped things with six players (a good problem to have!).

I thought he did an outstanding job, especially in spotlighting my daughter's PC (Princess Midna); often she's not that invested in the game, but this time she was really, really into it, and the session was tense and exciting!

He also returned a couple of PCs (for two other players) that had been believed to be dead for many years (they went out with a vampire villain); in this one he revealed that they had been shunted to this place, where time passed differently. So he brought back a major villain for his game, but also resurrected two deceased PCs.

Lastly, he brought back the Pet of one of his old PCs, saying that in the years since he played it, this chimaera (heads of a goat, lion, and dragon) had died and was now an undead minion serving his villain.

#19 – [b]Unexpected Returns[/b] – While dining at a restaurant with Flashbot, Princess Midna is surprised by a message in her native language via her Sentinel communicator indicating that the Wellspring of her home world (Mu) has been tainted. She requests assistance from her teammates and allies. Responding to the team’s base is Solomon Kane and a new ally he just met at a library, the mouse-like Basil, as well as Raijin and his friend Nigel (Mindgasm). Part of a doorway to Mu forms there, and Midna completes it, allowing the six heroes to travel through. Four royal guards accompany the princess and the others into the underground chamber of the Wellspring, where there are shallow channels of water, force field walls, and a large, robotic guardian in the center. Magical pillars throughout with (Earth-like) symbols and candles are spaced around the large room. As sand passes through an hourglass and tremors shake everything, Raijin and Mindgasm deduce the order of lighting the candles, and the force fields drop. Flashbot finds an adjacent secret room with bodies of numerous slain royal guards. Dangerous ghost-like shades emerge from the outer walls and menacingly float toward them all. The adventurers begin pushing the large guardian onto nearby pressure plates, but Midna calls many rocks onto it instead and the entire center section drops them all deeper underground. They move down a passage into a large room, where the disembodied head of Lord Malek floats. Water drips on him from the Wellspring high above, and the impish Skarhone hangs upside down nearby. The royal guards with them suddenly turn on Midna, but are swiftly taken out by Frostbite and Rockasaurus, who along with Malek had been trapped in this place for many years, supposedly deceased. Four shades observe, while Malek is assisted by two specters and his new guardian, the now undead chimaera Dark Guthix. The vigilantes begin to battle the villains, and Skarhone teleports away. Things look bleak for the champions after many of them are hindered, some inadvertently blinded by Flashbot and some turned against their friends by Lord Malek. Shades surround Midna and help break her free of the vampire’s control. Terrified by Kane’s staff, Dark Guthix flees through a portal, and shortly after a battered Malek also goes through, promising to return. Rockasaurus and Frostbite, both controlled by Malek, attempt to leave as well, but Midna prevents it with a magnetic wall. Afterwards, her people honor Midna for her courageous deeds. The original message summoning her home is found to have been sent by Skarhone.

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