Official Press Release- June 17, 2010 


June 27, 2010 is the release date for “VILLAINS AND VIGILANTES™ 2.1” from MONKEY HOUSE GAMES™. Virtually unavailable for the last two decades, VILLAINS AND VIGILANTES™ is back!

In 1979, JEFF DEE and JACK HERMAN created the original VILLAINS AND VIGILANTES™, the game that brought classic comic book style superheroes into the world of role-playing games. It inspired thousands of crossover fans between comics and gaming, and spawned dozens of imitations.

VILLAINS AND VIGILANTES™ is legendary among role-playing games for its random super-powered character generation system, its accessible, open and fast-paced rules, and the imaginative, far-ranging campaign universe created by Jeff Dee and Jack Herman.

This latest version of the game- dubbed version 2.1- revives the popular 1982 Revised Edition with some rules additions. It also features brand new illustrations from co-creator Jeff Dee, whose RPG game art has developed a longtime following.

“Jeff Dee and I are Monkey House Games.” announced Jack Herman, “Effective immediately, V&V is back in the hands of its creators, right where it should be. We’ve both dreamed of this opportunity for a very long time, and we can’t wait for you to see what we’ve done with the old place.”

Dee and Herman both credited the “ferociously loyal legion of online fans and players” as a driving force in the revival. “You carried the torch for decades and never faltered. This is a testament to your power and your will. You effectively brought our game back from the dead. We are in awe and we thank you.”

According to Herman, there are currently new adventures and campaign material in the pipeline. “This is the perfect time for new players to jump in, but the hardcore that have been following V&V since its earlier incarnation will be right at home. You’ll get to reconnect with the very same game world Jeff and I previously ran, drew and wrote about- only this time it’ll be bigger, better and more. If players have even half as much fun playing it as we’re having working on it, this will be something you won’t want to miss.”

VILLIANS AND VIGILANTES™ 2.1 will be available June 27, 2010 from

VILLAINS AND VIGILANTES™ is the classic tabletop role-playing game of comic book style costumed crime fighters created by Jeff Dee and Jack Herman.

MONKEY HOUSE GAMES™ is the game company created by Jeff Dee and Jack Herman for the release of all material relating to the VILLAINS AND VIGILANTES™ Universe.

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